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Sports Apparel Brand Selling Licensed Products of Major Sports Leagues – eCommerce Sales Channel – Custom and Non-Custom Offerings


Website Closers® presents a well-established, highly profitable sports apparel business. Successfully marketing high end athletic accessories for nearly a decade, this top supplier of major sporting league merchandise and apparel stands as one of the largest active gear providers in the United States.

A highly rated brand, this company is known for marketing products of the best possible quality and delivering both on service and style. With a custom order department, this business has partnered with more than 200 companies to craft varied and sought-after items. Leveraging a highly efficient team, the company has accrued a stunning catalog of more than 500 SKUs and has enacted plans to increase that to 700+ by the end of 2021.

Another major initiative this year is a sales expansion into Japan. The company now averages more than 150 orders per day, and during peak seasons, in summer and fall, orders rise to more than 200 per day. This high volume has resulted in overwhelmingly positive reviews that drive higher standing, better awareness, and stronger sales. This popularity has attracted a whopping 20,000 engaged contacts for their email database. The brand has achieved consistently high reviews and in the last 12 months alone they have received more than 7,200+ reviews, where 97% were positive.

This thriving eCommerce business gains the bulk of its sales through Amazon and Amazon UK, while carrying invaluable and sought-after licensing agreements with major sports leagues and iconic pop culture brands.

Wildly scalable, an incoming owner could launch onto Amazon Japan and Amazon Germany, while continuing to launch new, exclusive items, 200 of which are already in the pipeline. Increased marketing through Amazon is also likely to steadily increase purchasing behavior dramatically as awareness the brand already carries several Amazon Choice and Best Seller badges.

With 13 years of ever-increasing success, this company has evolved from just cotton wristbands to include headbands, sweatbands, and other sports accessories, in both custom, and non-custom market sectors. This company has put a strong emphasis on listening to their customers and responding to their recommendations swiftly and effectively. This has enabled the brand to quickly establish itself as a leader in the sweatband industry, one with a passion for both sports and innovation that always exceeds their clients’ athletic needs.

Among their most popular non-custom SKUs are headbands, sweatband sets, the wristband/armband bundle, zipper wristbands, and football hand warmers; while their best-selling custom products include custom wrist sweatbands, custom headbands, and multifunctional bandanas. Utilizing these high value SKUs, the company has grown to reach an average order value of $45 on non-custom products and $739 on custom orders.

With reliable year-round sales, this brand sees a strong revenue uptick at the beginning of summer that peaks in October. The company brand is exploring ways to regularly raise sales outside of this seasonal trend by offering winter products, which they have already begun with the introduction of football hand warmers. Plans are in the works to launch other products for use in winter months that can be marketed to the existing customer base such as, winter headbands.

Leveraging custom and bulk inventory, this company has earned Seller Fulfilled Prime standing and can fulfill reliably from their warehouse. Quality checks are done before the product leaves the factory by our designated QC person and again when it arrives to the warehouse in Las Vegas.

This brand utilizes Instagram and SEO to effectively grow their spanning and loyal consumer base organically. They also use PCC ads, which have not only boosted sales but also convinced thousands to sign up for their email newsletters.

The company has also done exceedingly well in B2B sales, scoring hugely valuable licensing partnerships with major national sporting leagues, then quickly launching them to their eCommerce channels and selling via B2B wholesale accounts. This strategic framework is amplified by a special portal on their website for supplying these leagues with all the products they could need.

There are huge opportunities to continue leveraging new licensing agreements, which may represent the most sustainable option for exponential growth and heightened profitability.

A new owner could continue to extend SKU lines beyond the 700 now available and in the works to further their reach and appeal. Adding videos and visual marketing to TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest could also prove to be highly beneficial.

The owners now spend a total of 25 hours a week each on the business, and they benefit tremendously by having a highly efficient team that handles tasks such as B2B sales, customer service, channel operations, and web design. They have 4 full-time employees, and 3 of them are contractors.

The owners focus on overseeing marketing, product development, supply chain relations, finances, warehouse management and administrative tasks, meaning that their responsibilities could be significantly downsized with the addition of a logistics specialist and VA.

The brand maintains a loyal customer base among sports enthusiasts for its high-quality products, while their lucrative licensing agreements have given the brand a stunning new layer of value. Constantly growing with and adapting to their market, this company has seen endless success so far and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

With boundless opportunities at their fingertips, the lucky buyer of this company will inherit a competitive market standing, a library of exclusive, tried-and-true, and new products for lasting success, and so much more.

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$ 6,700,000
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