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This eCommerce Company is a fully Branded line of general purpose and Automotive-Focused Tools & Tool Storage consumer goods, boasting top ranks in their category on This retailer offers a diversified product line with a total of 112 high-quality SKUS, all sold under their trademarked brand. Currently achieving 83% YOY growth, a 22% repeat customer rate (very high for this category), a $26 average ticket value on Amazon and a $69 average ticket value on its own website, this well-established retailer has carved out an excellent brand presentation with unique products in a market sector often thought to be permeated with sameness and knockoffs.

Protected by Amazon Registry 2.0, this eCommerce Retailer holds exclusive rights with the supplier to sell one SKU within its category, guaranteeing zero competition for that SKU during the contract period – add this to the brand’s #1 rank in the Tool Tray subcategory on Amazon overall along with its 100% FBA fulfillment model, and this all adds up to a truly turn-key acquisition boasting nearly zero overhead in all regards. With 3 virtual assistants handling most of the daily operational responsibilities, ownership is free to focus entirely on growing the business.

Currently selling to the US and Canada Markets, this company is in a great position to jump into EU and APAC markets with the power and ease of Amazon, a platform on which it is already a leader, and approved for sale in international markets. New avenues for scale are readily available here with the brand already approved for, and brick & mortar sales a ripe opportunity thanks to the high brand polish and well-differentiated product design.

With solid relationship with suppliers and favorable terms, this business already has 20 new branded SKUs available to ship in the next 1-2 months – the value proposition here speaks for itself, and this business will most assuredly continue to be a star performer in the hands of almost any buyer.

This eCommerce Retailer Represented by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 1,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 442,740
Gross Income
$ 1,997,870
Year Established

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