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Streetwear Fashion Brand with 960,000+ Instagram Followers & 10,000+ Custom Designed Products – Full Control of Supply Chain & Design – 35% YOY Margin Growth


Website Closers® presents a leading 3D print-on-demand (POD) eCommerce Fashion Brand with over 10,000 custom-designed apparel products. The brand designs, manufactures, and sells clothing that gives people meaning and inspires others. Over the last 5 years, management has established an empire around the evolving need for clothing that make a statement.

In addition to having their own designers, they have formed partnerships with designers worldwide to give their apparel a global stage to be worn by millions. Despite their incredible success, ethical values have always come first. The company was built to help sustain the world and produce made-toorder clothes with a minimal environmental footprint. The vision is to revolutionize how people dress by promoting art through fashion while being eco-friendly.

All designs were initially created exclusively by in-house designers but now include collaborations with prominent names and artists in various fields. All products are manufactured after the customer places an order. As a result, almost no inventory is held, and there is no waste. DropShipping is the primary inventory model, accounting for around 90% of orders, while 10% of current best-selling items are stocked. That equates to only around $5,000 to $10,000 of stored inventory.

The brand has an enormous edge over competitors in the vertical since it controls the entire supply chain from fabric to order. Management has developed a logistic hub in Asia. Products can be shipped with UPS and FedEx to most countries globally for a lower cost than any company in the US or any other English-speaking country.

Costs are lower, production is faster, and prices are better. Additionally, the business owns all designs and has partnered with some of the biggest names in its space. They are unlike traditional eCommerce stores, where 20% of SKUs account for 80% of revenue. Due to the use of a demand-based model, an enormous range of designs is offered, resulting in low dependency on specific products to drive total sales. No single product accounts for more than 2-3% of total sales at any given time. The leadership has found a winning formula by not following trends, aiming instead to set its own by creating unique styles based on input from in-house and collaborative designers. As a result, the brand has a cult following of art and fashion enthusiasts.

In the first 3 years, the business was focused solely on growth. However, after the outbreak of COVID-19 and the tremendous supply chain issues with China, the company lost resources and money, leading it to pivot towards a profitability-first model. A decision was made to raise prices by 25-30%, which proved wise—dramatically increasing profit margins. This allowed the brand to provide more personalized customer care and offer a better overall user experience.

Products are sourced from two suppliers in China. One works closely with a factory, and the other creates the products. Once an order is placed, it’s transferred to one of the two suppliers. When they receive an order, it is either forwarded to a factory or the printing process is initiated immediately. It takes three to five days to complete the product with printing and sewing, after which the items are shipped directly to the customer or, if it’s an inventory order, to the European or US warehouse. Shipping takes one to two weeks, which customers are made aware of. Notably, this has given the company a bespoke feel and has kept conversion rates high.

Another key selling point is the lack of concentration on SKUs. There are no top-selling individual products because of the wide variety. Some hot products are in demand for a period, especially when new, but equilibrium is restored quickly. By product type, hoodies account for 50% of all sales, followed by sweatshirts and bomber jackets.

Lead generation is achieved through paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram to promote products. The brand maintains a strong presence on those platforms through its social media profiles. Additionally, they have staff collaborating with influencers on TikTok and Instagram, offering free products in exchange for brand promotion. Those influencers serve as ambassadors and have shown a tremendous return on investment. Email marketing is used to engage with existing customers and those on the enormous list of over 1 million.

Sales are stable year-round, with traditional peaks during the holiday season in Q4. The typical customer is a male in his mid-twenties who tends to spend more on quality garments occasionally. Management is actively working to increase the lifetime value of customers by giving them a perfect experience. The proof is in the pudding, with a constantly climbing 25% returning customer rate.

The owner works only eight hours weekly on the business, even as it grows. His primary tasks include looking at KPIs, giving instructions on strategy, and handling bank account transactions. The company has been highly systemized, and an excellent team has been built over time.

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