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Subscription Based, B2B Online Lead Generation Company with a Focus on LinkedIn Marketing Strategies


Website Closers® presents a Business to Business (B2B) Lead Generation Company with a focus on LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for its Business Clients. This target offers an incredible 110% YOY growth rate leveraging the #1 Business Networking Platform in the world for Lead Generation. This target has worked with more than 700 companies since inception, and currently manages more than 200 active clients.

Featured on MarketWatch and more than 100 other publications, this wide-reaching Lead Generation Agency has made a name for itself internationally and has helped clients book meetings and land deals with companies such as Uber, Forbes, Nike, Google and Visa.

Appealing to a near limitless audience and earning an average of $500 per contract, per month, this Internet Business is poised for extensive growth now that a foundation has been set with solid reviews on well-known platforms. Providing a service with broad appeal, this company would do well on a go-forward basis via social media marketing through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Mainly focused on providing service to its current clients, this company could also take advantage of its enviable market share to build trust and become a well-known leader in a space that lacks large, recognizable players.

Currently responsible for building out marketing channels, managing online subscriptions, tracking customer satisfaction, and placing LinkedIn advertisements, current ownership works an average of 20 hours per week. With 25 contractors making up this business’ skilled team, there are 2 large brand account managers, 10 account managers who work on smaller deals, 3 sales representatives, 1 operations manager, 1 customer support supervisor, 2 writers, and 1 email specialist.

95% of this company’s current revenue stems from subscription services that operate through 3- or 6-month contracts to ensure its clients receive profitable results. Additionally, this business white-labels its product to ad agency partners who bring in phenomenal awareness and growth. Currently gaining leads for clients through LinkedIn only, this company’s service model could easily extend into Facebook and Twitter as well to grow both their audience and growth rate. Developing additional relationships with medium to large ad agencies could bring a flood of new business as these agencies represent multiple accounts and large businesses that could instantly scale this offering.

As the top-rated source of LinkedIn B2B Leads, this acquisition is an incredibly promising investment for any type of buyer. This company has worked with Forbes, TEDx Speakers, SalesForce, and many other household brands to make a name for itself across the lead generation industry and stands to grow exponentially in the right hands.

This Lead Gen Company Represented by:

Technology & Internet M&A

Listing ID:  WC2235

Asking Price
$ 705,000
Cash Flow
$ 158,365
Gross Income
$ 755,539
Year Established