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The target is a UNIQUE, TRADEMARKED Subscription-Based eCom-merce Retailer in the Oral Care Space, offering a new dental product that’s making an exciting splash in the world of dental cleaning tools. This proprietary, core product is the culmination of years of teamwork between dentists & product designers that revolutionizes dental hygiene, making it both completely hands-free and immensely more convenient. Invented by the company’s founders, this product was conceived as an ultimate solution to a very common problem cited by dentists around the globe – people simply do not brush their teeth properly, and no matter the toothbrush or tooth-paste used, oral hygiene is often dropped in the daily routine simply because it is in-convenient and quite frankly, boring.

This FDA-approved hands-free device simultaneously cleans all teeth at once using a mouthpiece to deliver proprietary, liquid toothpaste – this business also offers cross-sells such as teeth whitening SKUs, including a hugely popular activated charcoal product, keeping the core product relevant and fresh in the ever-shifting and trend-driven consumables market. Built primarily upon a subscription-based platform where clients routinely restock their consumables, such as toothpaste, this unique business avoids the pitfalls of offering a single hero SKU, and sees an $82 average ticket value, and 55,000 unique visitors to its own DTC website storefront every month.

Top notch brand presentation from storefront to unboxing and initial experience means this branded line has established itself very well with an excellent reputation, and highly valuable brand recognition – currently selling only through its own customer facing eCom storefront to the USDM, opportunity is very much knocking at the door here thanks to a sturdy social presence complete with celebrity product endorsements – this remotely fulfilled product line is absolutely begging for Amazon, wholesale and brick & mortar expansion – Amazon alone could potentially double revenue with the use of Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, as it would be a natural fit for an already reliable profit center of consumables built around a core purchase. New products and related lines are readily available thanks to well-established supplier relationship – whether you branch off into a kids’ line of redressed core items, improve teeth whitening offerings or simply expand internationally, this is a truly unique personal care branded business that is not to be missed.

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