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Subscription Based Portfolio of Websites & Video Streaming Options for Haircutting & Hair Related Projects – 75% Retention Rate


Website Closers® presents a new business that provides niche entertainment streaming to a fast-growing number of paid subscribers. With a strong retention rate of just below 80%, this company has carved out a name for themselves in the field of haircutting videos and hair-related projects. The phenomenally successful launch of this brand’s portfolio of websites and video streaming options has led to impressive results. Earning an ever-increasing amount of interest, subscribers, and consumer-base, this company has recently launched an additional video download service that has proven to be incredibly promising.

Enduringly popular, this brand’s growth has stemmed organically via word of mouth means and promotional videos on their growing YouTube channel. The brand now receives more than 5,600 monthly visits and those numbers are only increasing as their awareness grows. With video streaming swiftly becoming the leading form of in-home entertainment, especially across devices such as smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and home computers.

The brand’s fantastic customer retention rate highlights its enormous growth potential, not just in this niche audience, but across passion projects of all kinds. Maximizing the flexibility of this company’s lucrative framework, a business-minded new owner could expand into a myriad of other genres.

With the ability to bloom into a much larger hub for video streaming, this company could scale exponentially with the inclusion of crowdsourced submissions from creators who want to use the streaming services for their own productions.

Launched as an interworking network of platforms, this company operates as an easily run, ever-growing entity. Custom designed to be used and managed without having to retain a web host or developer, this brand’s content focuses on streaming haircutting videos in tandem with a popular online magazine about haircutting products and hair-related projects.

The brand offers a subscription site that delivers streaming content to the user, and the owner recently added a download store and a forum for subscribers to communicate and talk about the content.

So far, the subscription service represents 97% of the brand’s revenue stream, although the download site that was added just this past February has already shown great promise and grown to make up about 3% of the brand’s growing revenue.

Leading a niche and engaged corner of the market, this company has accrued an email database of 1,700 users. The brand also posts promotional videos on YouTube which have helped to skyrocket subscription rates and video views. Carrying two successful Instagram pages, the company has seen tremendous promise in related, hashtag content. This could be applied effectively to other social media sites such as TikTok, Tumblr, and Pinterest to drive staggering awareness and consumer base growth.

The owner operates this brand independently and uses contractors rather than full-time employees. Currently spending an average of six hours each week on the business, ownership is responsible for editing new videos posted each week for both the streaming service and video downloads. Additionally, they create the weekly newsletter, updates the social media accounts, and crafts new promo videos.

The company does retain the ongoing services of a hair stylist who cuts and shaves hair in their videos, and a video shoot coordinator who recruits on-screen talent and manages the video shoots. Most of the work now being done on this brand could be outsourced to independent contractors. The thriving brand now has high margins and net profits, multiple revenue streams – and low operating expenses.

This hub could also extend subscription services to other content creators looking for a platform that is well-established. Turning this platform into a spanning hub for unique content, a new owner could capitalize on third party content to achieve incredible growth.

The site could also add on-demand paid talent services and repackage the existing content into new releases either for paid subscription or promotional purposes.

Increased use of traditional content marketing could also help lock in higher new consumer rates as the hub becomes better known. Monetizing this growth, the platform could create a premium branch that allows users to pay an extra fee to access specific content.

There are no special skills or knowledge needed to operate this business and the current owner is willing to stay on in a limited capacity to ensure a smooth and complete transition. Further minimizing the demand on an incoming owner, the business has been strategically built to maintain low operating costs year-round while constantly generating new content.

Due to the wide popularity of streaming services today and the increasing public interest in being able to quickly access specialized content, this brand is poised for considerable growth as its brand and market continue to gain traction. Increased use of social media and video advertising is likely to boost the brand’s viewership and number of subscribers, which will provide a tremendous boost in revenue.

The lucky new buyer will end up with an ideal opportunity to take this brand in any number of new directions that carry their own value and promise. Taking full advantage of the increased public demand for unique, original, and specialized streaming content, this company could grow to reach unimaginable heights.

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