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Subscription Based SMS Text Message Marketing Platform – 60% Net Margins – Low Churn Rate of 1.2%


Website Closers® presents a leader in the field of SMS Text Message Marketing. This dynamic offering has doubled its profits in the last two years by helping other organizations and businesses keep in touch with their customers and followers in a personalized and direct way. This innovative texting platform has built a loyal customer base across 18 different industries without the need for long-term contracts. Instead, they employ a popular Subscription Model that keeps clients coming back. With an average order value of $72.79 and continuously increasing sales, this company has carved out a space in their niche and growing market sector.

Earning an ever-growing email database of 946,000+ contacts, this organically grown company has seen vast and profitable consumer interest. With revenue levels rapidly approaching the $1 million milestone with minimal advertising in place and 62% Net Margins, this business is ideally positioned to scale. Launching a sales team, enhancing the brand’s current use of social media, and engaging in retargeting and email marketing offer promising opportunities for lasting growth. As text messaging services become more widely used, this brand’s creative approach to personalization has laid the foundation for unrivaled growth in this globally scaling industry.

With rave reviews for their personalized bi-directional texting services from local or toll-free numbers, this company has built a solid presence throughout the marketing industry as a leader in the emerging direct texting field. Most current clients are small-to-medium size businesses that recognize a reality in today’s business world: prospective customers don’t like to answer phone calls or reads emails.

Serving Auto Dealerships, Bars, Clubs & Restaurants, Business Travel, Colleges & Universities, Community Management, Conferences & Events, Family & Friends, Fitness & Gyms, Fundraising, Medicine, Mortgage Banking, Non-Profit & Organizations, Politics, Promoters & Artists, Real Estate, Sales & Retail, Churches, and Emergency services industries, this dynamic offering carries unrivaled relevance in today’s marketing world. Their flexibility and phenomenal ROI have earned this brand an email database approaching 1,000,000 contacts, along with a rise in sales from $434,000 in 2018 to more than $800,000 in 2020. Current projections put revenue levels above a whopping $850,000 by July 2021 with projected earnings of over $530,000 over the same period.

This Tech Company was created to offer other businesses a spam-free Texting Software that would save them time, especially when it came to staying in contact with customers. Officially launched in 2015, this business became one of the first texting agencies to focus on personalization and many to one relationship building. This text messaging marketing software allows clients to personalize their texts in such a way that each client’s audience feel individually recognized to boost consumer loyalty and sales. With innumerable applications in any industry, this ROI focused business offers a premium service that is unrivaled throughout the marketing industry.

Furthering their cutting-edge offering, this company has also created a bot to automate responses. The system was designed to be flexible to use, and other services provided by the software include the ability to easily create subaccounts, add local numbers, control multiple subaccounts in seconds, and employ drip campaigns and auto responses with unlimited keywords.

This innovative seller’s results speak for themselves. Offering subscriptions rather than locked in contracts, this company has seen an unimaginably low customer churn rate of just 1.2%. Also selling White Label Contracts, where customers can pay a hosting fee to set up a Domain Name System/Instance in Amazon, the business has earned a healthy average contract size of $72.79, along with consistent year-round sales. Experiencing a sharp increase in new clients around the holidays, this game changing lead generation tool relies solely on referrals, PCC, email marketing campaigns, and an SEO program to drive all growth so far.

The current owner employs two full-time workers, one who handles customer support and training, and another who works on programming. In depth customer training is provided through online videos and Zoom calls to minimize onboarding costs. Dedicating between 25 and 40 hours per week, the ownership is primarily focused on sales conversions such as meetings, phone calls, and program demos. Minimizing this role, an incoming buyer could assign much of this to existing staff or hire a sales specialist.

Leveraging a powerful, proprietary software in the widely applicable and ever-growing direct marketing field, this strategically developed acquisition is experiencing rapid growth with no signs of stopping. An innovative and scalable opportunity, the company carries compelling flexibility that allows for tremendous relevance and growth in the modern marketplace. With a solid standing in a niche and growing sector of the marketing and advertising industry, this company is an unrivaled investment for any type of buyer.

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$ 2,900,000
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$ 532,237
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$ 865,024
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