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Subscription Model Capital & Fund Raising Firm – Pre-Seed & Startup Financial Services – 50% Client Renewal Rate – 15+ Team Members – 30% Net Margins


Website Closers® presents an Online Lead Generation company that connects startups and those in need of Seed level rounds with investors and private funds. They have rapidly scaled since inception and have a great deal of growth in their future. The business uses a subscription model for client retention – and it’s a very sticky business – with a 50% Client Retention Rate in place.

Besides the recurring revenue element of the business, another great attribute of this company is its built in defensive moat – few others are able to successfully connect startups and PE groups to investors – and very few have the connections you need to make this happen. They have spent the past several years building up a network with large investment banks, family offices, and institutional groups to help grow their business, and now have an investor contact count of over 350 that they put to effective use when working to find funding for their clients.

These contacts range from small angel investors to large family offices and have put the brand in the lucrative position of having access to some of the biggest investors in the world. The team has created a strategy that helps set up their clients with 10-20 meetings per month with accredited angel investors and private equity groups using their existing investor network, combined with LinkedIn marketing and email outreach. This strategy is very unique in execution and the processes have taken years to develop.

In the fast-paced, high-competition economic climate of the modern day, generating investor leads is more important than ever, and this is where the company shines. Their services leverage a unique marketing strategy that has proven to be very successful and effective for their clients, and, as such, has seen significant demand since their launch. They are quickly climbing higher with each passing day, as shown by their 30%+ Net Operating Margins and their astounding 50% Renewal Rate. Their clients pay a monthly subscription fee to have the brand promote their businesses to investors using their investor network, email marketing, and LinkedIn automation, which can be vital in getting a startup properly off the ground.

The assistance that the brand offers their clients doesn’t stop there, however. They also work with other industries, and provide help such as pitch deck reviews, data room guidance, general consulting, and other valuable guidance. Their client base consists largely of early-stage startups and small private equity groups, who are most often in need of this sort of structure and support, and best benefit from the brand’s unique promise to guarantee at least 10-20 investor meetings per month. The company currently enjoys over 20 active clients paying them anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000 every month for their services, along with partnerships with large investment banks that they work with on some deals.

The brand’s excellent services and operations are sustained by their incredible staff of over 15 employees, who handle a variety of important tasks ranging from sales, to tech development, to client management, and everything else that the company needs to thrive. This five-star team will be transferring alongside the business, which will save the buyer the time and resources that would otherwise be spent on hiring and training new employees, and gives them the opportunity to settle into their new management position without worrying about how the business will fare while they do so. The buyer will also require little to no technical expertise to step into ownership, and, as day-to-day work is minimal, entering their new role should be a smooth and generally swift process.

All of their marketing is done in-house, with the company having a highly optimized lead pipeline that has given them their dedicated client base, and will likely continue to supply them with potential consumers for some time. If the buyer has an interest in strengthening their rate of traffic, they could invest in a paid SEO campaign to improve their search rankings or add an email marketing plan to take advantage of their over 100,000 unused email contacts, and the over 2,000 contacts that are opted-in. They could also increase marketing efforts by sponsoring events, using more advertising channels, and increasing the number of their inbound partnerships. However, with how efficient their marketing plan is in its current state, doing so isn’t necessary.

The company has a wealth of scale opportunities at their disposal, which the buyer can focus on implementing at their leisure. They could find quick growth by advertising some of the services that they have sold but not otherwise pushed, as these services would also likely be incredibly useful for much of their client base. These services include referral partnerships with other companies and incubators, pitch- deck design services, data room services, financial modeling, and much more, and could serve as great sources of revenue if given the proper attention.

The buyer could also start offering new services to their clients, such as SEO and other general digital marketing services, and then go on to increase their pricing for enterprise clients or institutional groups who can afford to pay these higher costs. They could then upsell clients on B2B marketing, which would be very useful for their larger and more well-established clients. This additional revenue would let them improve their services overall, and give them the funding needed to partner with organizations like law firms, growth accelerators, and investment banks to gain more referrals within shorter amounts of time.

This acquisition is based within a market that is immensely valuable for entrepreneurs and their own businesses, and, thanks to the unique model and strategy that they take for their brand, has led to many of their clients consistently returning to make the most out of their services. Getting in touch with the right investors can mean the difference between rampant success and failure for a startup, and the buyer can make use of their many scale opportunities to make sure that their assistance reaches as many prospective clients as possible.

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Asking Price
$ 650,000
Cash Flow
$ 184,852
Gross Income
$ 609,433
Year Established