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For sale is a branded educational games developer and publisher in an evergreen ed tech niche within its own market, currently enjoying massive year-over-year growth in subscription revenue – this Internet business focuses on the single most popular form of educational gaming in the world and provides it via browser-based digital web delivery. This business is nestled neatly in a market currently enjoying rapid growth worldwide.

The company has achieved profitable growth since inception despite a lack of paid marketing. This Internet Brand is already a leading and recognized name in its space – catering to private consumers, both PC-based and mobile alike. The business offers a completely untethered business model requiring zero overhead and one which is operable from literally anywhere in the world, and a product which is easily tailored to literally any worldwide market at any time.

The company has a solid, growing cash flow and clean books and records, so for qualified buyers, this growing company can be purchased for as little as 10% down via an SBA-backed, 10-year Amortization loan. Please contact our M&A specialists to get further details on how this program works.

Targeting teachers in specific as the leading consumer demographic, the business offers a user-customizable education and learning gaming experience that affords the user complete autonomy and universal application of the platform to literally any classroom, and literally any grade level or institution type. No other online digital delivery gaming platform in the world boasts such universality, and few can claim such low overhead, thanks to in-house and owned software components which require no 3rd party development and publishing of software titles to be bought or sold. Everything is owned by the seller.

This Ed-Tech Company Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 699,000
Cash Flow
$ 220,000
Gross Income
$ 239,000
Year Established

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