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Tech-Enabled CPG Brand in the Data Recovery Tools Vertical – eCommerce Sales Channel (Website Only) – Strong TikTok Following – Ready to Scale


Website Closers® presents a company that is helping computer users across the globe protect their vulnerable personal and business data from loss on laptops or hard drives – causes for this loss vary greatly and include, human error, viruses, malware, unexpected hard drive damage, power outages, theft, liquid/spills, disasters, drops, and software corruption.

For all of these reasons, this Tech-Enabled CPG Brand has developed a series of in-house branded products to address these issues and help consumers keep their data safe. All products are sold via eCommerce.

Sales have an Average Order Value of $75 and are solid year-round. They stretch beyond the U.S. to include purchases in Canada, Australia, the UK and other parts of Europe, giving them a strong international reach.

Part of the company’s goal from the start has been to educate consumers that if they suddenly experience the dreaded problem of losing all their personal data on their laptop or hard drive, there is a simple and effective solution for getting it back. This brand has developed this means of communication with a solid social media marketing strategy to get the word out about their products, and to drive sales and expand their customer base. It certainly helps that the market for data recovery programs is soaring.

Data recovery services are in very high demand today. The Data Recovery Software market was valued at $126 million in 2021 and is projected to grow by 8% to $207 million by 2027. At a time when both individuals and businesses are putting so much critical data online, making it vulnerable to a possible loss, data recovery systems are immensely popular these tools enable the quick recovery of corrupted, deleted or inaccessible data from a storage device, making it fully accessible again.

As noted above, data can be lost due to any number of reasons … power outages, accidents or even just faulty hard drives … all of which can contribute to a serious loss of valuable data, and far too many individuals and businesses alike fail to install proper data protection systems until its too late and they have lost everything. That’s why data recovery systems have found their audience in the age of digitalization.

The company recognized the need for this kind of recovery program and launched their website on Shopify, starting with a portable recovery converter that is easy to install on your hard drive. The computer reads the converter box and instantly transfers the files. Any consumer can install this in minutes.

They have since created additional products – including a PC to PC USB dual data link, a portable mini storage device, memory card readers and an air duster.

In the past 12 months, the company has become a leader in the field of Hard Drive Recovery Converter Tools and other computer tech items. Sales are now moving at a healthy monthly pace, with no known seasonal factors.

Their products are sourced by their main supplier, and once stocked at their 3PL warehouse, incoming orders are shipped in privately labeled boxes containing the company logo, with an instruction manual included.

They typically maintain up to $50,000+ in inventory to keep up with the high volume of orders, and this increases during the holiday months when the company enjoys a spike in sales.

With a strong presence on social media that includes 4,000+ Instagram followers and 1,700+ Facebook followers, the company has used social posts and videos to build their brand and attract new customers. TikTok has also been an effective platform for their videos and for boosting their organic traffic, which has soared to an impressive 170,000+ unique monthly visitors.

Email marketing has also been a strong tool for them. With 10,000+ subscribers in their database, they send out weekly campaigns to focus on promotions and upsells.

It’s working. In a short span of time, the company’s Repeat Customer rate has risen to 15% and is growing quickly.

There are additional ways to use digital marketing to expand further, and that could include launching the company’s first SEO program (including an educational and informative blog on their website) to improve their search engine rankings, and to expand onto additional social media platforms such as YouTube.

The use of PPC ads on Facebook and Google would also generate higher traffic for them.

The company has another major scale option, including expanding their sales channels to include popular eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. With their success in Europe and Australia, there are plenty of additional countries they could direct their marketing to.

This efficiently run business does not require a heavy time commitment from a buyer. The current ownership spends just 10 hours per week operating it, since everything is automated. The owner focuses on running ads, creating scripts and handling customer service, with the help of a full-time virtual assistant.

The vulnerabilities we all face in the digitized world ensures that any company marketing data recovery hardware and related tools will find a steady stream of customers for the foreseeable future, and this company is no exception.

This eCommerce Business is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 1,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 562,418
Gross Income
$ 2,044,298
Year Established