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Trademarked Brand in Automotives Accesories – US & UK Markets


This target is a Trademarked & International Brand in the Automotive Accessories Category offering high-quality SKU’s related to convenience and portability like tire inflations, waterproof storage, and electrical power accessibility for 12VDC automotive accessories. This business offers a great deal of value to the brand by having deep seeded itself in Amazon’s Algorithm since inception.

Successfully differentiating itself from its competitors in a high traffic, highly giftable segment, this business currently focuses on its sales efforts on Amazon and even utilizes their Fulfilled by FBA logistics model so ownership need not worry about any shipping or storage overhead.

Thanks to over 2,600 positive seller ratings on Amazon with 4.8 Stars or higher across its SKU lineup, this auto accessories brand enjoys a high-level repeat customer rate. High margins, little seasonality, and perfect impulse purchase price point makes this a rate opportunity in the Auto Accessories World.

Working with Amazon to ensure the highest level of service from logistics to product quality, this Amazon FBA Business features a well-established customer service and fulfillment team that caters to the US and UK markets. Such a reliable profit center already established allows current ownership to invest the minimal amount of workload to maintain the business.

Exclusive SKUs and favorable credit terms allows new owners to easily expand the SKU lineup, add additional cross-sells, re-ignite past ASINS that have been out of stock, or offer product bundle packages. Thanks to its lightweight and agile nature as well as a well-polished brand, this auto accessories retailer is ready to scale to big box stores and any additional eCommerce or international channels by way of Amazon – an exceptionally attractive acquisition for almost any buyer in the eCom space.


This Amazon FBA Company Represented by:
Tech & Internet M&A

Asking Price
$ 531,927
Cash Flow
$ 189,974
Gross Income
$ 1,067,608
Year Established