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For sale is a great opportunity to own a lucrative content-based blog/ad network that has performed well since inception. Ad Networks of all types are in very high demand at the moment, and this company for sale is sure to garner a lot of interest in the content distribution & advertising sector.

The platform operates on a streamlined, single-publisher platform, and utilizes a nearly no-overhead, nearly zero labor & OPEX model that makes it highly attractive as a low-maintenance, turn-key operation. Entrepreneurs in this space are looking for high growth, low overhead companies, and this one fits all the bills.

With a primary top publisher under its belt and a robust basis in affiliate & blog content networking, this company not only features a completely automated platform – it also sits atop a foundation of over 105k Facebook followers, over 11k on Twitter and thousands of active email subscribers – with such low overhead, no content-based ad network on the market can compete with this bang for this buck.

With this kind of flexibility, automation and a fully laid foundation, the target here is not just another middle man between advertisers and publishers – it is an automated, value-added advertising machine just waiting for the right buyer to step in and make it the industry-leading content platform it can and will be.

Business Listed by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 149,000
Cash Flow
$ 49,500
Gross Income
$ 80,800
Year Established

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