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Unique Jewelry eCommerce Brand – Aligned with the Save The Bees Environmental Cause – Amazon & Shopify Website Sales Channels – Strong Media Social Following


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that is operating very profitably in one of our most lucrative fields, jewelry and fashion accessories. They have been particularly successful at attracting customers who view necklaces, rings, bracelet sets and earrings as terrific gift items. That’s given the brand a fast-rising Repeat Customer Rate and sharply increasing sales. At the same time, this brand appeals to buyers for another reason: their shared commitment to a worthwhile cause. Few companies today are operating in the niche space of giftable jewelry that provides charitable support for a worldwide cause, in this case the protection of the endangered honeybee, either wild or domestic, from possible extinction.

For years, environmental organizations have been sounding the alarm about the potential collapse of the worldwide bee colony, with bees dying at an alarming rate due to a variety of factors, from pesticides to destruction of their habitat to global warming.

Because of the commitment that consumers have to this cause, the brand’s line of bee-inspired jewelry designs are increasingly popular and have become especially in demand on special occasions such as the holidays or birthdays as become exceptionally popular gifting items. This brand has the added advantage of minimal competition within the field of jewelry related to a significant environmental cause, giving this brand untapped growth potential moving forward.

Even without the cause, the brand’s attractive jewelry items have them fully poised for astonishing growth. This is an industry with a glittering future, having brought in annual global sales of $250 billion through 2020, and now projected to soar past $480 billion by 2025. Consumers are increasingly comfortable shopping online for jewelry, which has boosted sales significantly in recent years. At the same time, jewelry remains a highly evergreen product, one that never goes out of fashion. Only the look, style and design of the most popular items do.

Launched less than 2 years ago, this brand set out to connect with consumers who cared about the cause of protecting the honeybee, and they succeeded spectacularly. Developing a line of necklaces and other jewelry items that promote this cause, their 47 SKUs have brought in a phenomenal $6.7 million in gross profits, a clear indication of how well their buyers like the combination of attractively designed jewelry that also enables them to contribute to a cause they believe in.

Their sales have soared on a modest Average Order Value of $56, and while they sell at a healthy pace throughout the year, the brand’s top performing season is April through May, when these items sell like hotcakes thanks to the need for gift items during Easter and Mother’s Day. They also see sharp peaks in sales around Valentine’s Day, summer and fall weddings, and around Christmas.

Their products appeal to buyers who are both men and women, particularly middle-aged men who purchase these gifts for their wives, mothers and daughters, and women of a similar age group buying gifts for their children.

Their marketing expertly boosts organic traffic. The company’s sales are conducted on their Shopify website and on Amazon, and today the company attracts up to 200,000+ unique monthly visitors. How has this young brand been able to appeal to such a wide customer base?

Social media has been a key to their success. Their social media pages, which mix the passion for their environmental cause with the appealing look of their jewelry being worn by satisfied customers, has been exceptionally successful, bringing in 64,000+ followers on Facebook and 26,000+ on Instagram. Their Pinterest page receives more than 38,000+ monthly views.

PPC ads have also boosted their customer base. The brand runs video and photo ads on Facebook to attract new customers and for retargeting, while they have a successful influencers campaign on their YouTube channel that utilizes paid collaborations.

This company has other digital marketing tools at its disposal. With 200,000+ email subscribers in their database, they engage frequently with their email list for daily sales campaigns and new product launches.

Text messaging is employed as well, for sales announcements and new product releases.

Their SEO program includes a blog on their websites, highly informational and focused on bees, with 35 articles available that lead readers to their product page.

These marketing tools have proven enormous beneficial to their bottom line. Their Amazon platform was launched at the start of 2021 and has experienced rapid growth in its first year, rising to nearly 10% of the brand’s overall sales.

Operations are efficiently turnkey. This well automated company stocks inventory at its warehouse and maintains 2+ month’s supply at all times to keep up with demand, since they are now shipping around 100 order per day.

At the same time, the owner spends just 15-20 hours per week running the business, focusing on tasks that include monitoring PPC ad performance, ordering new video content, and planning the release of new products.  Daily tasks are handled by two employees, a customer service manager and customer service representative. It doesn’t get any less complicated than how this brand operates.

The brand is thriving because their customers have connected to several messages. One is the appeal of giftable jewelry for loved ones. The other is buying jewelry that helps saves the bees from an environmentally friendly company with a cause. Buyers are loving what they get – both in terms of the items they buy and the cause they’re contributing to. This has been a winning combination and will continue to be for a buyer. Contact Website Closers today to learn more about how this offering truly is a great cause and a tremendously profitable business.

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$ 3,300,000
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$ 959,484
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$ 6,351,311
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