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Unique Social Media Driven Fashion Jewelry Brand – 30% Net Profits – Branded Website Sales – Hybrid Inventory Model


Website Closers® presents a unique brand in the Women’s Fashion Jewelry Space. This eCommerce retailer has created a business whose designs are influenced by the jewelry worn by the Queen of Scotland and the urban hip hop culture – and in fact – all designs for these products originate in Scotland. The results for this company have been nothing short of phenomenal, allowing the company to grow their product array to 150+ with strong EBITDA margins in excess of 30%.

This business currently offers Necklaces, Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets and Custom-Made Jewelry. Remarkably promising, this acquisition has earned an Average Order Value of $206 over the past 6 months, showing incredible profit potential and ever-increasing growth possibilities in the right hands. Currently marketing mostly though social media channels, this brand has gathered a large base of 16,800+ Instagram Followers that have posted a total of 204 images to date.

This offering has monumental opportunity to scale through wholesale offerings, diversified sales channels, additional SKU development, and transitioning the brand into adjacent verticals. Currently growing at an impressive pace, this acquisition has a proven track record of growth, success, and effective customer care that can be further developed by a buyer given the foundation created.

Leveraging a highly impactful hybrid inventory model, this company requires little to no sunk costs and can be run effectively from anywhere. It requires 2-4 hours of ownership oversight. The owner is responsible for VA coordination, order tracking (a process which is mostly automated), new product design, and catalogue curation. This involvement level could easily be minimized with the addition of another VA for administrative needs. There is currently 1 VA working at this company who is willing to stay on.

With a dynamic marketing mix of Facebook and Instagram, organic use, and paid placements, this company has achieved a whopping 3X ROAS. Also utilizing a strong e-mail marketing strategy with their vast database of 13,000 qualified contacts, this brand has gathered an impactful consumer community. Taking full advantage of promising opportunities such as Tik Tok, Pinterest and Influencer Marketing would be a good next step in the journey of this brand.

At the moment, this promising brand sells only through their own website; this has proven to be a wildly successful channel, however extending their offers into spaces such as and brick and mortar retailers are strong opportunities to drive increased revenue. Additionally, this company could see a dramatic uptick in sales by building out their wholesale options and industry partnerships.

The majority of this company’s best sellers are their necklaces, which currently account for 60% of profits, with bracelets following at 30% and both rings and anklets bringing in 10%, respectively. Building out options in all categories is a fantastic way to increase overall revenue, however a focus on creating unique and patented necklace designs may be the best possible way to raise sales swiftly and reliably. Additionally, working with other vendors could be particularly lucrative for this brand as they only sell through their own website right now and could increase their market awareness dramatically.

Strategically developed and artfully crafted, this fashionable urban jewelry company has impressive margins and incomparable potential. Carrying dynamic, fashion-forward offerings, this company delivers steadily growing revenues and a fully engaged audience, but there is much more room for growth. An innovative acquisition for any type of buyer, this company can be maintained with little to know effort or scaled exponentially with the guidance of a business minded new owner. This business will be everything that the lucky buyer can make it.

This eCommerce Website Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2186

Asking Price
$ 565,000
Cash Flow
$ 162,529
Gross Income
$ 531,781
Year Established

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