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Unique Software & Training Products for Internet Markets – Over 14 Years in Business – Strong Growth


This opportunity is a unique Software and Training Products offering, designed to help solve the various problems that Internet Marketers face, including the creation of content, acquiring quality backlinks (SEO), driving relevant traffic and growing sales funnels. Many of this company’s solutions are offered on an annual subscription basis, but it also offers others that are either monthly subscriptions or one-time payment options. In business for over 14 years, this company has an email database of over 30,000 satisfied clients and over 5,000 active subscribers to its various products.

The Company implemented significant changes over the first half of 2019.  New management has driven the company using a laser focus towards profitability and customer retention, rather than just focusing on top line sales growth.  The business model has shifted from targeting monthly subscriptions to promoting annual subscriptions while also eliminating needless and duplicative expenses.  This has increased Net Income Margins from 39% in 2017 to 64% as of the TTM ending Feb 2020 while also further shifting sales to recurring revenue.  These changes have also driven customer churn down from 15% to less than 6%.

Once management completed the “right-sizing” of expenses, the focus was turned back to sales and promotion, which, in itself, is completely limited to email blasts to its existing database of over 30,000 individuals.  Under this new model, the Company has produced consistent earnings of over $40k for each of the last six months.  On an annualized basis this equates to total earnings of over $500k per year.  Further, there is currently little to no other advertising plan in place to drive sales, creating a huge opportunity for a new owner to market via PPC, social media, etc.

Established firmly with a sterling reputation in a space whose hallmark is high barriers to entry and a segment in which competitive advantage can be not only hard to come by, but almost invariably fraught with peril due to the nature of the services and products involved, this service provider has prevailed in the face of daunting odds and stands on its own two feet offering a value proposition second to none in this particular arena. This highly attractive business is offered by a highly motivated seller, standing ready to facilitate a fluid, painless transition, willing to remain engaged long-term post-acquisition to assist with training.


This Subscription Model Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC1062


Asking Price
$ 1,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 439,935
Gross Income
$ 540,816
Year Established