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Vitamins & Supplements Amazon FBA Brand – Gummies, Capsules, Liquids & Powders – 26% Net Margins – 9,500+ Subscribe & Save Subscribers

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Website Closers® presents a successful CPG Brand that offers Vitamins & Supplements, primarily on the platform. The company offers a wide array of all types of supplements in a variety of forms, including gummy, capsule, liquids and powders. Their large selection and variety provides the company with the opportunity to maximize its exposure across the entire vitamins and supplements ecosystem and most demographics within it.

Currently they are focused on Immunity, Essential Wellness, Brain, Mood, Men’s & Women’s Wellness, and Beauty. They are thriving with a 4-year history of exceptional profitability in the online nutrition sector. In that time, the brand has expertly garnered customers through its Amazon FBA Account and created a well-designed DTC Shopify Website.

The mission of this company has been in place from the start – to help consumers live healthier and happier lives, which is why the team researches and crafts only premium ingredients for their products. These include capsules and gummies that assist with energy, stress, digestion, heart health, and weight management.

This brand blends extensive research with manufacturing inventions to find popular SKUs with fewer barriers to markets. Additionally, they depend primarily on Amazon-specific software to design new product

implementation strategically and effectively. All goods are bought from only the highest quality facilities who acquire the world’s best ingredients locally and abroad.

The company is well-known and reliable, especially for their gummy offerings. They have developed into an industry leader, consistently drawing strong traffic and conversions, month after month. They also have a significant amount of recurring revenue through repeat sales of their supplements via Amazon’s Subscribe and Save platform.

Management utilizes a DropShipping model. They have excellent payment terms with suppliers who ship directly to FBA facilities. The eCommerce giant holds almost all stock, and between eight weeks and a year of SKUs are stored there. Stock levels are managed to continually be available and reach a quarter of a million dollars during peak season.

The brand has outstanding margins, a $17 AOV, and appeals to a wide customer base with its efficient and cost-effective products. Furthermore, the company sells everything Prime and has an excellent rating. The company is currently in the process of yet another new SKU launch, with multiple additional products in R&D.

The owners work only 10 hours weekly combined and require no staff. Tasks primarily include managing finances and inventory, R&D, marketing, design, and fulfilling occasional orders from the Shopify-built website.

The industry is expanding rapidly as more individuals become aware of the value of including nourishing components in their diets. Due to an increasing workforce and evolving lifestyles, people worldwide find it difficult to meet daily nutrient requirements, which is predicted to be a compelling cause for the market’s augmentation. The industry is further anticipated to be driven by rising reliance on supplements to meet nutrient needs due to their efficacy and accessibility.

Despite the company’s accomplishments, there remain numerous prospects to scale. Excellent expansion potential exists for new owners both on and off Amazon. Given the current owners’ marketing inexperience, this company could grow significantly with effective advertising across existing platforms and secondary alternatives. Just a small portion of total revenue comes via the D2C website, and as a result, it offers a vast area for proliferation and the chance for fresh blood to boost profits while bringing in significant traffic. A buyer could dramatically scale the business with wholesale or supplying brick-and-mortar retailers. Health shops, as an example, could present an additional source of income, while white-labeling products for other online sellers are low-hanging fruit.

A straightforward move is to explore digital advertising, including the use of affiliates. This presents a performance-based option with little investment but potentially lucrative returns. An aggressive social media campaign, particularly partnerships with health and wellness influencers, has proven itself in this vertical.

Launching a strategy to grow the email database and implement segmented campaigns should also be considered for higher conversions, increasing subscription services, and optimizing customer acquisition costs.


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WC 2931

Asking Price
$ 2,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 632,194
Gross Income
$ 2,477,006
Year Established

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