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SBA Approved Watch Bands & Bracelets eCommerce Brand – 80% Profit Margins – 700+ SKUs – Handcrafted Designs – 25% Repeat Customer Rate


Website Closers® presents a Handcrafted Watch Bracelet & Band eCommerce Business that has tapped into the consumers’ desire to look stylish, and to take pride in their appearance, even when it comes to small details. Most people wear a watch and this company offers them fashionable, contemporary and trendsetting replacement bracelets for popular brand watches. All products are manufactured directly for this company based on their designs and made with their trademarked logo on it. 

Their products are thriving as customers rave about the look and sophistication of their elegant bands. They now have multiple top selling designs that continue to attract buyers with their reasonably priced Average Order Value of $49. Sales have gotten so strong that the brand has continued to expand and now offers 700+ SKUs, a sky-high degree of diversity that helps drive sales. 

Their wristbands are popular because watches remain a highly evergreen industry; one where sales are sharply increasing as digital watches offer technological advances that are increasing the industry’s profitability. The watch market was valued at $61.8 billion in 2020 and projected to grow by 4% through 2026 as smartwatches get increasingly sophisticated, incorporating features such as heart rate and blood oxygen sensors. Value watch brands are a very popular fashion choice among consumers across the world, with the demand for smartwatches in the digital watch segment getting stronger among young consumers. 

That gives this company a massive market to direct its marketing toward, and as we will soon discover in a review of their history, this organization has demonstrated the ability to shrewdly provide their customers with exactly what they’re looking for.

This company is a match for any top name brand watch manufacturers. In the past four years, this brand has developed a loyal customer base by designing and selling its high-quality replacement bracelets for popular name brands such as Apple, Fitbit, Samsung and Garmin watches. Most of their materials, such as the leather straps and packaging, are sourced in the US, and sold under their own brand.

In the past few years, the brand has developed several key value propositions. Their wristbands are compatible with most smart watches and have a unique and attractive design that can’t be readily found elsewhere. Sales have remained strong throughout the year, although the brand enjoys several peak seasons when their wristbands are popular gift giving items. Those seasonal peaks include Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and weddings, and of course around the holidays. 

Customers have responded, not just by driving up sales, but also with glowing reviews – more than 7,000+ 5 Star reviews in total. It’s no surprise that in just 4 years, the company has processed 52,000+ orders. 

The brand has done particularly well attracting women buyers between the age of 24 and 65, who have become their top customer demographic.

Sales are largely conducted on Etsy. 

The brand has found a comfortable home on Etsy, the online marketplace popular for handmade, vintage and craft items. As a very fast-growing sales platform, this enterprise has been able to take advantage of the onsite marketing tools that Etsy provides, and the company also benefits from its successful social media marketing strategy. 

With 24,800+ followers on Instagram, 14,000+ followers on Facebook and a massive 87,000+ monthly views on their Pinterest platform, these social media sites are expertly used to show satisfied customers wearing their wristbands, and the company has efficiently used PPC ads on Facebook and Instagram during peak seasons to drive sales higher.

These marketing techniques are providing results. Today, 70% of the company’s sales come from organic traffic while 30% come from paid media. Their SEO program includes a blog on their website, which along with their social media posts have given the brand 110,000+ unique monthly visitors. 

Their products perform well on their Etsy platform and are popular gift items has enabled them to attract a fast-growing amount of repeat business. 

There’s no question this brand could send sales skyrocketing by diversifying their sales channels. Putting their listings on major eCommerce platforms would give this brand the opportunity to send its gross profits soaring as they introduce their many SKUs to the millions using those platforms.

Daily operations are well managed. The company has a lot of advantages when it comes to daily operations. The brand has good relationships with their suppliers – a key factor since they now package an average of 40 shipments per day. Inventory is stocked in their 500 square foot warehouse, and the company maintains a minimum of $30,000 worth of inventory at most times to keep up with demand. New inventory orders are placed monthly. 

The company has two employees: one handles customer service and the other crafts their products. The owner focuses on tasks that include working on their designs, researching new models, putting listings on their sales platforms, and fulfilling orders.

The watch industry is getting stronger each day, as manufacturers look to make their products more technologically advanced and to offer their customers more than simply a quick check of the time. Of course, watches are also appealing because of the fashionable look they provide, which is key reason why this brand is doing so well. Their wristbands add considerably to the appeal of the watch itself. With plenty of proven scale options available to them, this brand is at the tipping point of a skyrocketing increase in gross profits.

This is an offering to watch, and one that assures a buyer a very profitable future. Contact Website Closers today to learn more about how this offering will surely last the test of time.

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WC 2620

Asking Price
$ 899,000
Cash Flow
$ 240,638
Gross Income
$ 728,716
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