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Watercraft, Outdoor Gear & Camping Products Brand – 70% Organic Traffic – 350 Products – $686 AOV

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that is growing rapidly in its native Australia where outdoors enthusiasts have been eagerly purchasing the Outdoor Adventure Gear they offer, including Kayaks, Paddleboards, Motorized Boats, Water Sports, Camping, Underwater Jets, Inflatable Spas and Much More.

With high-quality products that win over those who love the outdoors, this DTC business has a model for success in this vertical, and it’s a formula that can be easily replicated in the U.S. or other countries. That gives an investor an opportunity to become a market leader in a massively lucrative industry.

The Camping Equipment Market alone is valued at $18.50 billion, with projections that it will grow to $24.93 billion by 2028, while the outdoor recreation industry is also expected to enjoy significant growth. This wellestablished business has a proven track record for successfully marketing to its core audience and building brand awareness, and with the massive number of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, an investor could quickly expand this business outside of Australia.

The company’s strengths are easy to highlight. The company has enjoyed consistent year-over-year growth as management continues rolling out new products, having grown substantially to 350 SKUs with a high Average Order Value of $686. This has given the brand excellent profit margins while their extensive digital marketing plan is driving 70% of their sales through organic traffic. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive and emphasize the excellent quality of their outdoor gear and camping products, superior customer service, and fast deliveries. Today there’s no question the brand has become an authority in a highly lucrative vertical, and there are multiple ways to quickly scale this brand, from introducing new product lines to establishing influencer partners on their social media accounts.

The global water sports gear market enjoys tremendous growth as well, now valued at $43.2 billion and projected to reach $55.2 billion by 2027, as more people start purchasing clothes and tools used while swimming, snorkeling, rafting, scuba diving, or boating. This brand has gone a long way toward winning over customers for each of these verticals in Australia.

First launched nearly 7 years ago, the company has grown to become a point of contact in Australia for watercraft and outdoor camping products, sold directly to customers, although they are also growing their B2B orders for larger inflatable commercial products.

One of their most popular products has been inflatable watercraft that are portable and have enhanced designs for maximum comfort. As these verticals have grown by healthy margins across Australia, the company has grown along with it.

Their SKUs are sourced through one of the most popular outdoor recreational gear suppliers in Australia, and all items are Drop Shipped by the supplier directly to the customers.

The company also gets high marks from its customers for its website, which provides detailed information for each product so few if any buyers need to contact customer service before making a purchase. For those who do need additional customer support, the company has a popular live chat system.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are used to boost organic traffic to their website, and an affiliate campaign enables the company to post affiliate videos on those accounts which has given them stronger brand recognition.

As part of the brand’s SEO program, there is a blog on their website that includes links to affiliate products. These social media marketing campaigns bring 7,500+ unique monthly visitors to the company’s website, while email marketing enables the company to advertise ongoing sales and promotions to its existing customer base and improve opportunities for upsells.

The company also runs PPC ads on Google and Facebook to drive sales higher. Taken together, this content marketing strategy has proven highly effective at boosting customer engagement and delivering new sales.

What the company does not have is a hefty workload for the current owner, who devotes just four hours per week to operating it, usually focusing on processing orders to suppliers. A part-time Virtual Assistant handles tasks that arise during the week and need attention. While the owner is now handling customer service inquiries, that could also be outsourced to the VA, including the live chats.

With the brand’s reliable Drop Shipping method, the company has no need to maintain inventory or invest in a warehouse or 3PL. The suppliers’ own website is used to process orders, so a new owner would have no need to meet costly expenses and pay overhead to keep this business operating smoothly.

This company has worked hard to ensure it keeps its customers fully satisfied with their purchases and experience buying from them. Their SEO program, with strategic keywords used in their website and blog posts, has ranked them close to the No. 1 spot on organic search for most products and delivered 300+ positive customer photo reviews that help expand their customer base.

With recreational outdoor and camping activities attracting new enthusiasts every year, this field is going to grow substantially. This brand offers investors a well-oiled eCommerce business that is soaring within this industry and has a recipe for success easily applicable to sales in other nations.

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Asking Price
$ 541,000
Cash Flow
$ 154,705
Gross Income
$ 523,779
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