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Web Development, Digital Marketing & Creative Agency serving B2B eCommerce Clients Nationwide – 75% Retention Rate – 33% Net Profit Margins – Fully Remote


Website Closers® presents a Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Creative Agency that provides services to B2B Clients nationwide. They primarily focus on eCommerce clients. The company’s core focus is to help build better eCommerce brands by providing users a more immersive digital brand experience.

Companies today rely heavily on digital marketing to attract customers, and often need proven experts in this field to get them the results they want. Experts in web development, content creation and digital marketing will continue to be in high demand as more and more entrepreneurs open online stores.

This company is fully remote and has clients nationwide, many of whom have remained with the agency for years. Those clients are also key to the company’s marketing efforts since they provide crucial word-of-mouth advertising that helps to expand the firm’s footprint.

This boutique agency is known for putting a high emphasis on customer care. This has paid off, not only by attracting clients who stay on long term, but also by attracting clients in top retail fields, including automotive, food & beverage, and lifestyle brands.

These are enormous strengths to possess in the lucrative and fast-growing field of digital marketing. The global digital marketing market was valued at $321 billion in 2021, and is expected to grow by 13% to reach $671 billion by 2028. The phenomenal growth in eCommerce has contributed to this. The sharply increasing number of consumers using digital channels is significantly driving the industry’s growth. Consumers are now just as likely to be shopping on their laptop or mobile device as in their nearest retail store, which is why the number of new eCommerce companies keeps skyrocketing – there were an estimated 24 million eCommerce sites across the globe in 2022.

As more and more come online, that significantly increases the competition for customers, making it that much harder to break through and attract the attention of your target audience. That’s why digital marketing agencies have become the lifeblood of so many eCommerce stores. They understand the tools that work in bringing visitors to their client’s sites and boosting conversions.

This fully remote company has attracted clients from across the nation, providing their clients with web development, branding and an integrated approach to their marketing needs.

While working for clients in some top industries, like automotive, food and beverage, lifestyle brands, and more, the company’s growth has come almost entirely from customer referrals. Word-of-mouth recommendations from happy clients have proven to be invaluable to their growth, and the company has been enormously successful by giving their clients what they’re looking for. These clients remain a strong source of recurring revenue, since many of them have stayed on since the company was launched five years ago.

The agency has been particularly successful at finding clients who have left a larger company and are now ready to embark on their own business venture. They have also been successful at recruiting talent to work for them, experienced employees who are passionate about digital marketing and web development. The entire team gets to know each brand and the people behind it as they help them grow and prosper.

While the current ownership focuses on client relations and attracting new business, the current team includes a full-time project manager, marketing and social media coordinator, full-time and part-time creative directors, and a production assistant.

They also employ contractors who oversee digital ad setups, back-end development, SEO, Shopify and WordPress development, and UX designs. Freelancers are also used, including photographers, videographers, branding designers and copywriters. Their combined experience and talent have been a major part of what drives this agency’s success.

Because of their proven results on the client’s behalf, the company has not needed to invest in a large marketing budget of their own, although they are starting a new social media marketing campaign on sites that include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They have also run search ads that get promoted on their social media platforms.

One of the company’s top projects in 2023 has been to assist their clients as they shift from Google Analytics to the new Google Analytics 4, the newly revised analytics service that enables eCommerce store owners to measure traffic and engagement across their websites and apps. This is also a strong area of growth for the company in the future.

Digital marketing remains one of our most highly in-demand services for eCommerce, because virtually no online shop can survive today with the kind of marketing tools that this agency provides. That gives the company very healthy long-term prospects as the number of potential clients they could take on keeps increasing every year.

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