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The target is Consumer Products Brand with a unique offering in the Bedding Vertical – Weighted, Anti-Anxiety Blankets (also called Gravity Blankets). These products were once a tool of therapists and psychiatry clinics; now they have gone main stream. The blankets have a long history of use in a type of occupational therapy called sensory integration therapy. This treatment is sometimes used to help people with autism or other disorders to focus on sensory experiences, which experts say may boost these individuals ability to regulate their emotions and behavior. Weighted blankets are one tool therapists use to provide “deep-touch pressure”.

This eCommerce Retailer offers various products in this category in sizes spanning toddler to adult, all offering an improved deep sleep experience for the user. This lineup is comprised of up to 20 ASINs sold primarily on in the United States at a $93 average ticket value, with demonstrably high repeat buyer rates thanks to the superb product quality.

Revenue is driven in large part by a 4.9-Star Amazon Seller Central Account, featuring 99% positive lifetime feedback and high-grade, organic reviews on every product offered. Everything is sold strictly via Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) to the US Domestic Market, meaning this business is both primed for international expansion with Amazon, and it is already lightweight and supremely agile thanks to a bare minimum of necessary overhead for ownership to maintain this adaptable profit center.

Having realized profitable growth since inception almost entirely on Amazon traffic, this brand is a choice contender ready to play in new eCommerce sales channels, most specifically UK and Eurozone markets with the ease of International Amazon platforms. Thanks to a healthy seller central account in good standing, pivoting to new marketplaces, as well as wholesale distribution, is as easy as it comes, and Amazon FBA features mean this can be done very literally at the click of a button.

Due to the simplicity of the platform and stellar brand presentation of a strong value proposition and differentiation in an otherwise bustling sector, this is an exquisitely attractive opportunity in a high growth, niche category to acquire genuine leverage on day one with a business quite literally operable anywhere, by almost anyone.

This Amazon FBA Business Represented by:

Website Closers
Tech & Internet M&A

Listing ID:  WC1056



Asking Price
$ 1,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 336,089
Gross Income
$ 1,186,554
Year Established