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Wine Storage Solutions eCommerce Brand – International Sales Channels – Exclusivity Agreements with Suppliers – Design Patents in Place

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Website Closers® presents a flourishing eCommerce Brand that offers the most extensive global selection of Wine Storage Racks and Wine Cellar Racks. While visually similar products are available in the market, this brand stands out by providing solutions that surpass the competition in terms of quality of construction, and longevity. This commitment to excellence has garnered a loyal customer base, resulting in a high rate of repeat business.

History & Growth Trajectory

The company’s journey began in Australia, where it quickly rose to prominence as the dominant player in the wine storage vertical. It has penetrated the market through various B2B channels, including partnerships with major industry players. In 2021, management expanded operations to New Zealand, experiencing continuous growth in that market. The same year, it made its mark in the UK, achieving impressive sales figures. This led to the need to scale back temporarily to meet the overwhelming demand. A similar success story unfolded in the US; however, customers expressed a desire for quicker delivery due to shipping from Australia. The public’s appetite presents a significant opportunity for market dominance by establishing a third-party logistics operation in the United States.

Currently, the brand utilizes 3PL facilities in New Zealand and the UK, and it is in the process of transitioning to a 3PL in Australia, which will significantly reduce overhead.

What sets this business apart is its commitment to sustainability. It holds the prestigious FSC certification, the highest standard of timber sustainability globally. This recognition required 2 years to attain. The company is the sole wine rack provider worldwide with this esteemed certification, which resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

Sourcing & Customer Base

All products are crafted in Asia using 100% FSC-certified New Zealand timber. These products are then shipped directly to various 3PL facilities. The supplier exclusively produces items tailored to the brand’s specifications, and exclusivity agreements are in place. The business boasts full supply chain certifications, and management has negotiated excellent pricing.

The customer base is evenly split between genders, most falling into the higher-income demographic. Sales remain consistent throughout the year, with peaks coinciding with various holidays.

Despite experiencing intense growth, the owner’s involvement is minimal, dedicating just five hours per week to tasks such as inventory management, payroll, advertising oversight, and communication with staff.

The company also employs additional staff, including a customer service agent, a full-time and part-time designer who also serve as sales representatives, and two warehouse staff members. The warehouse operations are transitioning to a 3PL setup, resulting in substantial cost savings and a fully remote team.

Scale Opportunities

To further accelerate growth, capital to procure additional inventory to meet demand and to expand 3PL operations to more locations would prove invaluable. For instance, the US witnessed substantial orders but was constrained by delivery times, which customer feedback indicated needed to be reduced.

With a substantial injection of working capital, there are numerous growth opportunities. A new owner can expand additional sales channels, such as Amazon, for immediate results. The company sells on Amazon Australia, contributing only a fraction of its revenue. It is a ripe prospect to increase margins and attract new customers to the eCommerce giant. Importantly, this would also provide a gateway to global sales expansion, targeting lucrative markets like Canada, South Africa, Europe, and parts of Asia with high demand.

Exploring mass retail is another avenue for growth. Diversifying digital advertising beyond SEO and AdWords is a natural progression, with opportunities in affiliate marketing and a stronger focus on secondary sales channels. The unique nature of the brand lends itself well to influencer marketing on social media while enhancing email marketing efforts, which have proven to boost sales, can be utilized to promote new products.

This company possesses exceptional scale potential that can be harnessed in various ways, depending on the expertise and vision of a new owner. It is a lucrative opportunity poised for tremendous growth under capable management.

With a strong working capital injection, further scale opportunities are abundant. A new owner has excellent opportunities on additional sales channels like Amazon for expansion. The company sells on Amazon Australia, which makes up only a fraction of its revenue. Therefore, it presents a huge area for growth and the possibility for a new owner to increase margins while driving new customers to the eCommerce giant.

A new owner with Amazon expertise or a willingness to outsource the Amazon storefront to an experienced agency would likely see an enormous increase in sales on the platform. Importantly, this would present a more accessible opportunity to sell globally. Once established, the business can quickly sell into additional lucrative markets, such as Canada, the U.S., South Africa, Europe and parts of Asia where demand is rife.

There is also an immense opportunity to scale the operation with mass retail. The brand hasn’t ventured into wholesale outside of Australia, but the demand is evident. An aggressive campaign targeting major retailers and possibly hiring reps could create an enormous new revenue stream. This channel allows a buyer with an established sales network to grow income exponentially.

Tapping into digital advertising beyond SEO and AdWords is an obvious next step, and affiliate marketing and added focus to secondary sales channels can be implemented. This brand’s niche lends itself to influencer marketing on social media, particularly Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. They should look to influencers and collaborations to build more awareness and loyalty. Instagram already drives significant traffic to the Shopify website, and it’s worth considering implementing a highly focused social media campaign. In addition, paying more attention to email marketing has proven to boost sales and can be used to promote new products.

This company has such extraordinary growth potential at its fingertips. It can be scaled in several ways depending on the expertise of a new owner or the roadmap they decide on. It is a money-making machine waiting to take the world by storm.

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WC 3180

Asking Price
$ 1,230,000
Cash Flow
$ 383,220
Gross Income
$ 895,603
Year Established

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