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Wireless Motion Sensor Lighting Brand – DTC eCommerce (Branded Shopify Website) – 20% Repeat Order Rate – Ready to Scale into Amazon


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that has successfully established itself as a leader in the niche space of Wireless Motion Sensor Lighting that is both practical and stunning for both consumers and retail establishments. Traditional LED lighting requires the headaches associated with new wiring and/or the high cost of electrician installation, so this product line offers a high-quality, low-cost solution to get the same feel minus the hassle. From a home décor standpoint, these lights are a beautiful addition to the home as it brings a new feel to countertops, units, stairs, closets and more. They’re also practical – as an example – many customers buy these products for their parents or the elderly, since the motion sensor can be used as a safety/security measure (No fumbling in the dark, can make for a safer home and environment). Wireless Motion Sensor Lighting is a “home hack” as many have described. The company offers an array of wall lighting and motion sensor strips, with a 2.0 version launching just recently, and flying off the shelves. This 2.0 light is exclusive to the brand and built on the back of customer feedback.

Don’t just take the company’s word for it – ask their sharply rising customer base, which has been raving about how much they loved improving their homes with these flashy products. Using a smart digital marketing strategy that included a social media campaign that’s brought them 19,000+ followers on Instagram, the company has seen sales skyrocket on just 13 SKUs and an Average Order Value of $134, with glowing reviews from satisfied customers on each of their products. In fact, in a short period of time the brand has already attracted a Repeat Customer Rate of 20% and that number is rising as customers have started expanding into additional rooms for this convenient technology.

Their products are unique. All products are sold under the company’s brand name, with everything white labeled and shipped to customers in custom packaging designed by the company’s team. The company orders from a single supplier, and their strong relationship has enabled the company to maintain fast shipments and a high level of customer satisfaction.

The company has sought to innovate. They develop each SKU one by one – for example, they developed new strip lights with a larger battery, so customers could do less recharging. The company had their manufacturer upgrade the sensors on the lights, based on feedback from customers. Understanding what their customers want has enabled this brand to repeatedly deliver on that and defy their customers’ best expectations. Because their products are entirely unique and can’t be purchased anywhere else, the company now dominates this space with minimal competition. In fact, what they offer clearly sets them apart from competitors in the home lighting category.

Their digital marketing is sophisticated. Social media and SEO have been the two cornerstones of the brand’s highly successful marketing efforts. Their social media posts not only show how appealing their lighting looks in the homes of their customers but provides video tours as well. This has been enough to help the brand skyrocket to nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram and an additional 3,000+ on Facebook. SEO has also become a potent tool for the brand, particularly their blog that gets published regularly. Combined, this has helped to boost their online traffic considerably, and the brand now averages a stunning 75,000+ unique monthly visits on their website.

Operations are smooth and well automated. This is not a business that requires a heavy workload for a new owner. Since automating most aspects of the business, the current owners spend no more than 4-5 hours a week operating it. In fact, all of a business’ normal time-consuming activities, including customer service, are fully automated for this one. The company does employ three virtual assistants who ensure that the brand’s many 4- and 5-Star Reviews keep rolling in. That’s important since the company receives up to 40 customer service inquiries a day, which are quickly responded to. The customer service team is fully trained to handle all types of customer inquiries and their Shopify website can quickly make any necessary order adjustments.

Their customer service has been something this enterprise has taken pride in, and their strong rapport with their logistics team has enabled the brand to offer custom packaging. The company is now putting an emphasis on reducing its carbon footprint by promoting how their lighting SKUs are eco-friendly and use less electricity because they’re wireless.

This company has become highly profitable because they offer an array of wall lighting and motion sensor strips which are now flying off the shelves. Their SKUs are exclusive to them, and the company creatively worked with their logistics team and manufacturers to develop products with features that customers were asking for. They understand how to make their customer happy, and they delivered.

To get a better understanding of this brand’s powerful scale options, contact Website Closers today to learn additional key facts about this exceptional opportunity.

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