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Women’s Fashion Apparel Brand – Focused on Everyday Basics – Amazon FBA – 10 Years in Business – 100% YOY Revenue Growth – 200% YOY Earnings Growth


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Women’s Fashion Apparel Brand that focuses on “female everyday basics”. The company has a proven system for choosing its product line and is thriving with over a decade in business. The company operates multichannel via its Branded Website and on, where most of their sales currently generate.

The brand satisfies a consumer need for bundled, high-quality essentials with an exclusive specialization in 3-packs of fashion basics, including cardigans, palazzo tops, and skirts. Their strategic use of auto ads to decipher optimal keywords and then organically rank for them underscores a meticulous and data-driven approach to digital marketing.

The company’s longevity is a testament to its consistent performance and consumer trust. The trademarked brand has served the US market for over a decade, boasting an exceptional 99% seller rating. Achieving metrics like these, particularly over such an extensive period, is no easy accomplishment and stands as a powerful endorsement backed by the voices of thousands of happy consumers.

The brand achieves a $41 average order value. With healthy margins, the company has additional marketing capabilities as it begins to explore more sales on the DTC front. The company has seen revenue grow 100% since 2022 and is achieving a 200% growth rate in discretionary earnings.

Products are sourced from US suppliers who manufacture domestically and import from Asia. Across the range, all are produced specifically for the company and sold under the brand name. As the supply chain and logistics have become increasingly efficient, more orders are imported, further boosting margins.

Typically, six months of inventory is kept on hand, with orders placed once or twice quarterly. The business uses a 100% stock model, and all transactions on the marketplace are FBA. A warehouse is used for Shopify and Walmart sales and to replenish Amazon facilities weekly or as necessary.

The digital marketing strategy is straightforward yet effective, focusing on PPC and keyword optimization on Amazon.

Notably, the owner endures an incredibly light workload of only five hours weekly, focusing primarily on managing the team and researching new products and ideas.

Various staff work in the following capacities:

  • Two Warehouse Associates
  • A Supply Chain Associate
  • A Virtual Assistant
  • Two Amazon Listing Specialists
  • A PPC Manager

The highly proficient team handles day-to-day operational tasks and is motivated to stay on post-acquisition. As a result, a buyer can take over a flourishing company that requires minimal sweat equity and pursue other ventures or focus on scaling the operation.

As successful as the business is, several methods are available for a new owner to further boost the top and bottom lines.

Introducing new products is low-hanging fruit. Launching essential yet stylish wardrobe staples would enable a buyer to capitalize on the brand’s reputation and appeal to a receptive and loyal customer base.

Expanding to additional platforms, like Shopify and Walmart, presents an opportunity to reach a fresh audience and diversify sales channels. This shift would also allow more creative digital marketing strategies, from captivating social media campaigns to potent Google ads and personalized email outreach.

Initiating a wholesale arm is another appealing prospect that would facilitate leveraging economies of scale, strengthening the company’s financial standing while elevating brand visibility.

International expansion is also worth considering. Replicating successful Amazon strategies in new markets could generate substantial revenue by tapping into a global demand for high-quality, everyday apparel.

Furthermore, venturing into men’s clothing could prove incredibly lucrative. The brand’s success with women’s apparel can be extended by leveraging its reputation for quality and style.

The women’s apparel market, especially everyday basics, has exhibited consistent growth and vigor over the years. Daily basics, in which this brand specializes, form the cornerstone of most women’s wardrobes, and the segment alone is valued at billions of dollars, representing a sizable chunk of the global apparel industry.

One of the most significant shifts in the sector has been the transition to online shopping. Digital platforms have become the new hubs for purchasing clothing. Figures suggest that approximately 60% of US consumers prefer to buy clothing online, with Amazon leading the way. The founder noted this evolution since launching on the marketplace and has capitalized on its vast reach, efficient delivery network, and diverse audience, garnering an increasingly devoted customer base.

However, the business has carved a unique niche in the marketplace through various additional value propositions that stand out in a crowded segment.

Projections indicate that eCommerce growth in the apparel sector will continue to surge, with an increasing number of consumers relying on online platforms for both premium and basic clothing choices. Additionally, the convenience of virtual try-ons, augmented reality features, and personalized recommendations are enhancing the online shopping experience. Subsequently, this business is primed for continued prosperity under new management.

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