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Women’s Shapewear eCommerce Brand – Strong CAGR – DTC & Amazon Marketplace Sales Channels – Up to 200,000 Monthly Visitors – Strong Margins

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Shapewear Brand offering popular products designed to accentuate the wearer’s natural curves, seamlessly refine areas they wish to perfect, and deliver the confidence boost they seek. The company operates primarily in the US through its Shopify-built website with complementary sales on Amazon.

The global shapewear market has been growing steadily and is projected to expand at a notable CAGR through 2025 and beyond. This indicates a robust and increasing consumer demand. Brands like Skims have played a pivotal role in popularizing and normalizing shapewear, making it a staple in many wardrobes and broadening the consumer base. While there are numerous players in the shapewear niche, this brand has built a highly receptive and devoted audience, evidenced by its tremendous year-over-year growth, glowing reviews, and extensive following. The transition of many shapewear brands to eCommerce platforms and their success therein emphasizes the importance and potential of online sales in this sector. Modern consumers prioritize both aesthetics and comfort, and shapewear meets this demand perfectly, combining fashion with functionality. Management has sourced products crafted with breathable, moisturewicking materials, ensuring customers stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Their confidence that the products will make customers love how they look and feel is such that they offer a full refund within 60 days of purchase if complete satisfaction is not achieved. The significant average order value and low return rate are a testament to product quality and excellent customer service.

In 2023, the company has been smartly riding the wave of the bodysuit-style shapewear trend, seamlessly fusing fashion and functionality. A pivotal factor contributing to its success is the meticulous curation of its product selection and content strategy. The owner has a robust system in place, ensuring that new trending products can be effortlessly integrated into the existing framework, allowing for the rapid deployment of high-quality content.

With substantial growth potential and existing metrics that are nothing short of impressive, the brand stands on the brink of even greater success. The introduction of PayPal as a payment option alone promises an immediate 10% to 20% boost in sales. Furthermore, expansion into regional markets, such as Germany, presents a golden opportunity to boost and diversify revenue considerably.

The established customer base is enviable, and the brand boasts a vast database of over 200,000 email subscribers. This rich resource provides a direct channel for marketing and engagement with a large and loyal audience and will be a valuable asset for future growth.

One of the standout features of this business is the owner’s commitment to automation and ease of management. With operations on the path to becoming over 90% automated, a buyer can focus on strategic growth opportunities with minimal day-to-day hassles, ensuring a smoother and more efficient operation.

Despite the company’s attractive promotional offerings, it maintains healthy profits, securing a substantial margin per order. This financial stability underlines its potential for continued success and ensures that the bottom line remains a cornerstone of its approach.

Moreover, brand protection and authenticity are further bolstered by the impending trademark approval. Once granted, it will solidify the brand’s presence in the market and provide additional security, fortifying its competitive edge.

The company employs a hybrid inventory model, housing most of its stock in Asia, with the rest strategically distributed between a warehouse and Amazon facilities in the US. In Asia, a rolling inventory system is in place, ensuring approximately one week’s inventory is readily available for expedited shipping. However, for customers opting for express delivery, the items are dispatched from the US warehouse.

The owner has nurtured a close and beneficial partnership with his suppliers. Typically, smaller orders are placed every month, demonstrating a harmonious and efficient supply chain.

The team has introduced several SKUs on Amazon, primarily for retargeting purposes. Presently, the marketplace garners approximately $15,000 in sales passively, driven by Facebook users searching for the brand. Historically, there has been minimal focus on expanding this channel, even though it holds vast potential. However, the owner is now actively developing the channel, with sales projections exceeding $100,000 monthly by January 2024.

The digital marketing strategy is straightforward yet highly effective. Efforts are driven via Facebook and complemented by organic posts on TikTok, where the brand has over 70,000 followers.

The primary customer demographic comprises women aged 25 to 40, with the next largest group falling in the 18 to 24 age range. Recently, the company has enlisted the services of an agency to oversee all marketing efforts, with a specific emphasis on email and SMS campaigns aimed at enhancing customer retention and increasing lifetime value.

Due to the highly systematized structure of the business, the owner now enjoys a reduced workload. With the inclusion of a marketing agency, their attention has shifted towards improving content systems, optimizing logistics, and recruiting an operations manager to bolster efficiency.

The owner employs a team of contractors as the core, full-time staff. This team consists of a social media manager, a lead virtual assistant responsible for a variety of tasks, and a dedicated customer service representative.

The increasing popularity and widespread acceptance of shapewear reflect a thriving and expanding market, and the business is excellently positioned to seize this opportunity. As shapewear becomes more mainstream on a global scale, there exists a substantial chance to establish a prominent presence in the industry. Beyond overseeing personnel and devising growth strategies, a potential buyer need not possess any specialized skills to ensure ongoing success and a substantial return on investment.

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Asking Price
$ 1,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 649,842
Gross Income
$ 4,345,696
Year Established

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