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The target is a Branded & Trademarked, Subscription-Based eCommerce Retailer of womens fitness accessories and apparel, driven in part by a subscription-based-membership model with Returning Traffic Drivers, such as training & dietary planning materials, among others. This highly targeted fitness lines flagship product is a collection of resistance bands geared towards focused gluteal & abdominal exercises, designed to tone and shape the midsection.

Core products are supplemented in membership packages with online workout training video content and dietary evaluation & guidance material as well, motivating and retaining buyers with a higher than average LTV in this space. This fitness segment performer sees only minimal seasonality, boasting a desirable $53 average ticket value with a 19% repeat customer base. Scaled to date almost entirely on organic ranking and word of mouth, this perfectly presented brand has established a solid social presence with over 128,000 followers to date, keeping it relevant in this highly social space.

Operated from a user-friendly Shopify platform and fulfilling orders via a 3PL, nearly zero overhead is required, and ownership is left with ample time to focus on business growth. This business is cleanly established in almost every way, also featuring design and utility patents in addition to well-established supplier contracts ensuring rapid fulfillment and top-quality products; this business is picture-perfect and ready for a seamless transition into the hands of nearly any new owner, anywhere in the world.

The elephant in the room here is expansion – Amazon expansion – already fulfilling remotely and already boasting an established brand, this business is absolutely begging to make the jump to the worlds single largest and fastest growing marketplace for fitness & apparel products. Thanks to an agile, lightweight operating platform, this avenue of scale will undoubtedly prove to be nearly painless, offering the most potent ROI of any potential expansion effort.

This eCommerce Brand Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 365,000
Cash Flow
$ 111,446
Gross Income
$ 535,931
Year Established