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womens leggings

The target is a Branded & Trademarked Amazon FBA Fitness Apparel Retailer centered around womens contouring leggings and assorted shapewear within the vertical. This Trademarked brand offers womens leggings, joggers, casual pants, and shorts DTC from a polished dot com storefront, though sales predominantly derive from its Amazon Seller Storefront where it currently a 4.8 Stars Rating with over 9,000 positive lifetime reviews. Featuring a hugely popular core line of fleece lined brand of terry leggings, this company peaks in the winter with a $23 average ticket year-round, putting it square in the sights of any demographics most desirable impulse-buy price box.

Ownership works less than 5 hours a week maintaining the sales and marketing aspects of the business while an independent contractor handles FBA fulfillment as well as order processing from head to toe. Streamlining shipping straight to Amazon can help minizine costs and yield a higher profit margin for new ownership, making this not only a scalable acquisition opportunity, but a pre-optimized one as well. Literally zero segment-specific trade knowledge is needed here, and ownership is willing to facilitate comprehensive transition for any new owner, making this a seamless acquisition.

With several easy-to-implement scale opportunities available, new ownership can grow this business in a number of ways – From a product perspective, owners can work with vendors and expand the product line and even cross over into mens & children segments, or they can quite simply restock inactive SKUs already on the Amazon storefront (60% of the lineup), a no-brainer zero-investment switch to flip for any owner, yielding instant return in any scenario. This brand is well-recognized and reputable but has only advertised to date on social media and Amazon. Implementation of even the most meager paid ad campaign (SEO/PPC etc) would move the needle on this highly turnkey, hands-off opportunity that can be operated from anywhere in the world with just 30 minutes a day by almost any new owner.

This Consumer Product Brand Represented by:

Website Closers
Digital M&A Advisors

Asking Price
$ 129,000
Cash Flow
$ 65,747
Gross Income
$ 783,579
Year Established