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The target is an 11-year-Established, HIGH-GROWTH & FULLY BRANDED Vitamins & Supplements Online Retailer specializing specifically in probiotics that were developed by a world-renowned, Award-Winning microbiologist, boasting an exclusive licensing agreement for rights to market this globally recognized brand leader in the eCommerce space. This retailer’s exclusive and proprietary arrangement with the supplier allows for not only below-wholesale pricing, but the total control of the named domain along with two other DTC storefronts, access to brick & mortar retail sales, wholesaling, and much more.

This well-established brand is generally known within its sector as one of the largest global leaders in the ProBiotics vertical – as such – it is difficult to overstate the multitude and magnitude of value propositions offered by this powerhouse of branded lines in such a hot and trending space, given the unique and exclusive nature of the distribution rights for this retailer.

This company is seeing YOY growth and has realized a stellar $111 average ticket price, as well as a very desirable 45% Repeat Customer Rate all with little to nothing invested in paid marketing. This is an opportunity of unmatched caliber in the segment, by far, shipping direct to the customer by way of highly established and exact match domains.

This brand has made a name for itself with highly salient print and television appearances consistently over more than a decade and boasts a cleaned list of over 17,000 opt-in email contacts. This business sees over 10,000 unique average visitors monthly to its DTC eCom storefront which has yet to branch out to Amazon – this potent performer is formulated perfectly in every way to achieve its maximum potential with minimal ROI thanks to a smartly laid foundation.

With 75 active SKUs in play and nearly unlimited options available through its distributor, all products are branded and sold under a completely iron-clad, bar-setting copywritten & trademarked presentation – character mark, design, slogan, labels, physical products and verbiage are all licensed and protected head to toe, making this an impeccable opportunity to wield not just another reseller with a white label, but a true lock, stock & barrel globally leading brand in every way.

This Supplements Company Represented by:
Tech & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 1,175,000
Cash Flow
$ 235,700
Gross Income
$ 992,544
Year Established

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