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World’s Largest Online Spanish Language Travel & Leisure Publication | 3.5 Million Active Readers | High Margins via Advertising | 85,000+ Published Articles | 50% Recurring Revenue

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Website Closers® presents the leading name in the Travel & Leisure Space for Spanish Language Online News Publications, which has, over the course of nearly a decade, cultivated an audience of over 3,500,000 active readers who eagerly turn to them for their insights. Their massive audience offers tremendous benefits for a buyer of this business, which, combined with their low working capital needs, provides an excellent foundation from which a buyer could monetize their audience with products/services they already operate, continue to scale, or simply continue to reap the profits from current operations, depending on what they hope to achieve from this acquisition.

Launched in June of 2016, the brand quickly went to work putting together a team of freelance journalists and editorial professionals that are seen as experts in hospitality industries around the world. Their influence now stretches from Australia, Argentina, and Germany, to China, Chile, and Canada, as well as many other countries around the world. They boast the status of being the most-read travel magazine in Latin America due to their strong original content, and highly in-depth articles.

They have the incredible status of being the best and most-read Spanish-language Travel and Leisure magazine in the world, which has given them a prominent place in global markets like Latin America, Spain, and the US. Their five-star team has created over 85,000 original articles and over 50,000 original photographs for the brand, which focus on positive, inspiring stories that encourage their readers to go out and experience more of the world. This offers a refreshing change of pace from the “doom and gloom” approach to news that is so often seen in the modern age and has drawn in many of their readers.

Business Broker Takeaways

  1. Thriving Organic Campaign. The backbone of their marketing campaign has been their SEO strategies, which have given them excellent search rankings and can be easily learned by a new owner. This campaign consists of carefully targeted keywords and the release of fresh articles to attract new readers and advertisers and has proven very successful, contributing heavily to their readership regularly surpassing 3 million readers every month.Additionally, the company has an active social media presence that adds to their readership, with their Instagram having over 5,000 followers, and their Facebook having nearly 100,000. Once these readers find the brand, they’re often hooked, as evidenced by their impressive 50% Return Customer Rate.
  1. Sturdy Relationship Network. Part of why the brand’s magazine has become such a trusted source for tourism information has been their ties to the tourism industry. They have built spectacular relationships with hotels in Spanish-speaking markets, which provides them with insight that they then pass onto their readers.Not only that, but they have also built connections with household brands such as Disney, Apple, Gucci, Netflix, Star Plus, and Google, driving their margins astoundingly high. The steady rise of their readership has also given them ties to advertising agencies and brands around the world in regions like the US, Mexico, the UK, and India.
  1. Fantastic Reputation. The brand has grown to the point that they have been able to register official trademarks in counties like Argentina, Mexico, and Spain, and have won over many advertisers who are eager to make the most of the company’s immense reach.They have been able to monetize their magazine through methods such as offering sponsored articles, sponsorships from tourism offices and municipal governments countries governments, and affiliate programs. They are also able to use their magazine as a bartering chip, trading advertising for services like web hosting, online programming, and hotel stays and flights.

They are in an excellent place to grow alongside both the digital publishing industry and the travel market, with the latter already being one of the top markets in the world. Digital ad campaigns are vital for travel companies, hotels, and other resort destinations looking to catch the eye of potential customers, and the ad space that the brand’s magazine offers means that they will continue to enjoy demand as more businesses fight to stand out to tourists.

This acquisition has firmly established themselves as the top name in their market, making a name for themselves around the world. Their organic marketing strategies, tight-knit relationships with various household brands, and well-written, optimistic articles have all played a part in the brand’s growth, keeping Spanish-language competition in their space low and their revenue high.

If you’re interested in learning more about this adventurous acquisition and all they have to offer, then contact Website Closers today for more information from our brokers.

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$ 438,865
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$ 834,365
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