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World’s Most Widely Read Spanish-Language Travel & Lifestyle Online Magazine – Up to 3.5M Readers/Month – 50% Repeat Customer Rate


Website Closers® presents an impressive opportunity to acquire the outright leader in the Travel & Leisure Space for Spanish Language Online News Publication.

This online business holds a unique position as the only known Spanish-language travel and leisure magazine, with a vibrant presence in Latin America, Spain and the United States. With more than 85,000+ original articles and 50,000+ original images produced by the team on their website, the company is attracting between 500,000 and 3,5000,000 readers per month.

Those are the kinds of numbers that excite advertisers, which is how this company has been able to enjoy exceptionally high margins as they continue to cultivate commercial relationships with top global brands, such as Disney, Apple, Netflix, Star Plus and Google.

In an era of “If it bleeds, it leads” negative news and highly partisan political coverage, this brand has stood out for continuously offering its readers positive, inspiring stories that are catnip for readers who love to travel. In fact, travel related news is a nice escape from deadly surveillance balloons, scary inflation and doomsday forecasts.

With their very high amount of original content (which includes 50,000+ image assets), the company has demonstrated its value as a Spanish-language media outlet, and they have established their media authority with registered trademarks in multiple countries, including Argentina, Mexico, and Spain.

While the digital publishing industry continues to soar, this publication’s solid footprint within the travel and leisure field is especially noteworthy. The travel industry is in blockbuster shape as people across the globe long to visit new places and enjoy vacations and sightseeing again following the pandemic lockdowns. Among the largest industries in the world, that’s very significant because the travel industry relies increasingly on digital advertising to remain competitive and to attract new customers. Digital ad spending in the travel industry reached $56 billion in 2021, as online travel bookings rose sharply.

As this online publication has demonstrated, travel companies, hotels and other resort destinations recognize the value of digital advertising on platforms that reach millions of viewers. As a review of the company’s history will make clear, they have charted a very shrewd course to get into this enviable position.

Launched in June 2016, this business employs freelance journalists and an editorial team that are viewed as experts in the hospitality industry in countries as diverse as Australia, China, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Germany, and many others. Across Latin America, this has become the most-read travel magazine thanks to the depth of their articles, complemented by their original photos and videos.

They also have very strong relationships with hotels in Spanish-speaking markets, and that authority has driven their advertising revenue higher. For readers, they’re a reliable source for information on tourism and things to do and discover, offering daily updates year-round. As their readership increases, advertisers take notice. They are connected to advertising agencies and global brands in numerous countries, including the U.S., Mexico, the UK and India.

The company has found different ways to monetize, including offering sponsored articles, sponsorships from tourism offices and municipal governments countries governments, and affiliate programs.

They have also been successful in barter programs with advertisers, trading on hotel stays and flights to new destinations for thousands of dollars per month in advertising or content. The company has also successfully exchanged other services for advertising, including web hosting and online programming.

A sophisticated understanding of how to use SEO to bolster search engine rankings has been a core part of this company’s success from day one – and the process is easy to train so that a new owner can take the reins and run after a smooth transition. This focus on SEO has been true to bring on readers and advertisers who discover them through their use of keywords and the use of evergreen articles to attract new readers. As they continue to do so, their readership often skyrockets beyond 3 million monthly readers.

Their SEO efforts have provided enormous strength to their branding, and the respect they earn for the high quality of their articles keeps new viewers who discover them coming back again and again. This is also the reason why the company has no direct Spanish-language competitors in the online publication space.

The company also benefits from a strong social media presence that helps expand their readership, including 96,200+ followers on Facebook and 5,000+ followers on Instagram.

The company is ideally positioned now for surging growth, including by expanding into new Spanish-language markets, growing their social media presence, and publishing articles and reviews in new categories such as food, entertainment and culture.

As the travel industry looks for opportunities to reach more customers through mobile and voice-activated devices and influencer marketing, online publications with eye-popping readership numbers can expect to benefit handsomely from their hard work.

This Online Magazine is Represented by:

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$ 635,300
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