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Worldwide Leading Website for the Baby Naming Community – 2 Million Monthly Unique Visitors – Extremely Unique Offering


Presented by®, this innovative Exact Match Domain eCommerce community possesses incredible value as the world’s most complete database of baby names and name related information. The company has a long-standing reputation as the leading expert in the baby naming community, both online and off. With nationally recognized publications that name this household brand as the forerunner in naming babies as well as subsegments including pets, story characters, and everyone in between; this unparalleled trailblazer is sure to make an incredible addition to a baby goods empire or a foothold for any groundbreaking entrepreneur looking to enter the highly profitable parent, baby, or new family demographic verticals.

Carrying unrivaled followings across social media, world-renowned parenting blogs, and authors; this exceptional offering is an utterly unique and extraordinarily lucrative opportunity.

Current ownership does not yet leverage their exceedingly engaged audience to sell in-house products such as baby supplies and care items, conduct high quality lead generation nor have they yet sponsored existing products and brands as professional influencers. These avenues, along with additional site and mobile app monetization, are highly profitable scaling opportunities that are sure to skyrocket this company’s already impressive KPIs.

Utilizing a dynamic set of revenue streams, this naming brand gathers profit from advertising, thought leadership, books, podcasts, and digital subscriptions. Leveraging direct advertising, programmatic advertising, and strategic content placement, this revolutionary company drives unmatched high-quality, targeted traffic. Additionally, these naming pioneers create insightful books and answer the burning questions of this category spanning everything from celebrity babies and parenting news all the way to baby naming and healthcare advice through their popular blogs and podcasts.

More than a household name, this opportunity carries boundless capacity to scale effectively and rapidly. From the creation of in-house parenting product lines and children’s items such as clothes, diapers, formula, food, and toys all the way to the development of parenting apps, creative naming apps, and relationships with leading writers across both genres and mediums; this expansive offering is perfectly poised to grow in any direction a capable new owner may take it in.

Dedicating fewer than 10 hours per week to maintaining and growing this business, current ownership is responsible for running daily operations and website optimization, tracking and maintaining financial statements, driving partner communications, recording and producing the podcasts, leading customer support, updating the contact and name database, and completing code maintenance as needed. In addition to the owner, this company employs 5 part-time partners who are in charge of video production, social media, name database maintenance, podcast research and podcast co-hosting. None of these partners dedicate more than 5 hours per month to their duties.

Utilizing an impressive array of marketing initiatives, this brand currently applies social media use, SEO, PR, and content leadership to reach their exceptionally active audience. Offering an immense contact database of more than 250,000 engaged members on social media as well as their broad range of subscribers to their owned site, this company is both effectively designed and profitably optimized to deliver unrivaled revenue along with momentous brand awareness and customer loyalty.

The lucky new owner of this company will be able to take the reins easily and seamlessly as this offering does not require any type of technical background. This is an extraordinary opportunity for any capable buyer to drive incredible profits, at fantastic margins, with little to no demanding daily responsibilities. Operating within a category that utilizes both emotional and intellectual needs, this naming company is well positioned to drive incredible returns.

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$ 8,000,000
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