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Worldwide Publishing House for Authors – 71% YOY Revenue Growth – $2500 AOV – Print & Audiobooks – Full Distribution Rights Maintained on all Books


Website Closers® presents a Worldwide Publishing House that has brought enormous satisfaction to a growing number of aspiring authors who have found an outlet for their long-term dreams of getting their written works before a mass audience. In an age when the internet has radically transformed the publishing world and the ability of people to express themselves online, this company has shown that plenty of aspiring and established writers are eagerly looking for independent publishing houses to partner with.

This company has excelled at two highly in-demand services, book self-publishing and ghostwriting. Writers who come to them with an unpublished book, or an idea for one without the skill at successfully authoring it, have discovered an independent firm that can match the kind of services once reserved for top publishers such as Random House. Once they publish a book, the company’s logo goes on each one, with the copyrights registered to both the author and this company, which maintains the distribution rights.

They have so far published nearly 1,000 books and have recently launched a third key service, providing clients with audiobooks. As the self-publishing and audiobooks markets continue growing at a rapid pace, the company is projected to increase sales by 30% in 2023, while their Average Order Value has increased from $1,980+ in 2021 to $2,499 in 2022.

This company offers a great example of why independent self-publishing has revolutionized the book industry. The global book publishing market was valued at $93 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $136.1 billion by 2032. This has become a golden renaissance opportunity for online retail bookstores, as interest in eBooks and digital audiobooks has soared in recent years. Since the Covid-19 pandemic and its early lockdowns, online books have been attracting skyrocketing sales.

This brand is doing exceptionally well by making their books available worldwide, which has given them 71% Year Over Year revenue growth and 47% YoY SDE Growth. With a strong marketing plan and SEO program, the company ranks No. 1 on Google searches for Book Publishing.

Their long-term future is particularly bright since the public’s desire for new and interesting books combines with the thousands who turn to self-publishing as a means of getting their writing before their targeted readers. That gives this company a strong evergreen appeal. A closer look at how they built this solid operation should help illustrate those strengths.

Launched 4 years ago, the company has developed a strong reputation for their worldwide publishing services, as well as English and Spanish translation services. Worldwide publishing has become their best-selling package, with their English & Spanish translations and new audiobook service representing a rising percentage of their sales as well.

The company also does well with its package deal that combines ghostwriting services with global publishing.

These services have become enormously popular with authors who have written a book but don’t know how to get it published. The company ended 2022 with 444 clients, divided closely between men (55%) and women, connected by having mid-to-high income levels.

There are very few seasonal factors to this business. With 7 service offerings and an experienced team of independent contractors who carry out the brand’s daily functions, they are enjoying recurring revenues as more people become aware of what they do and show their interest.

This brand has come to dominate the market, finding themselves in first place on Google for book publishing searches virtually all of the time.

If running a publishing house sounds like time-consuming work, it really isn’t when there is a team in place to manage operations. Current ownership spends no more than 10 hours per week working within this company, and often less than that. A general manager handles day-to-day operations, while the company also employs a sales manager, graphic design manager, copy and content manager, customer service representative, and a sales coordinator and representative.

Additional contractors are available to work on the book cover and layout, copy editing, proofreading, translations, social media postings and web development.

Each book published has a schedule for each department to oversee, and when each book is ready to be published, the employees who worked on it contacts the author to be certain everything is ready to their specifications.

Since everything is handled digitally, the company does not worry about maintaining an inventory of books or shipping. There are no warehouses or brick-and-mortar offices for this company, which can be operated anywhere in the world.

The company has relied on PPC ads on Google to drive viewers to their website, and today this represents 87% of their web traffic. They also use keywords in the website’s metadata to drive organic traffic to the site.

These marketing efforts work well to drive sales. The company averages between 11,000 and 14,300+ unique visitors each month, and in 2022, that translated into 5,670 conversions with an 8.5% click-through rate.The company is averaging 470+ qualified leads each month.

The company is now in the process of launching a new website that will exclusively serve the United States and other English-speaking countries, which is expected to provide a significant increase in their revenue. The company projects that by doing this, they can close more than $6 million in sales throughout 2023 by pivoting to the U.S. and English markets.

With 12,000+ subscribers in their email database, they have the opportunity to use their new audiobook services for upsells to existing clients, and their repeat customer rate has just started to increase.

As long as there are writers hoping to be discovered, there will be clients ready to take advantage of the services that this company provides – it’s that simple. There has never in the history of the world been a time when there were no writers of new fiction or readers looking for new books to enjoy. This company is operating in an evergreen space that got more profitable during the digital age.

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