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Website Closers Assists Custom Fashion Jewelry Brand with 500+ Retailer Connection to Sell Company Successfully – Case Study

Closing Price: $ 14,000,000
womens jewlery

An e-commerce retailer in the jewelry industry with over 12 years of experience focusing on women’s designs recently came to Website Closers with the goal of listing their company effectively.

The company had numerous immediate growth opportunities available with 25% of their sales coming from a wholesale channel of more than 500 retailers and significant traffic generated through organic means online and social media. The average selling price for each order was $72, making it a very low risk opportunity. The company had a gross income of $8.9 million and an asking price of $13.5 million when the business came to us.


Having strong roots since 2012 and a current total of 15 employees on staff, this was an excellent opportunity for a solid down payment with consistent revenue based throughout the holidays occurring all across the year.

Are you ready to work with the professionals? At Website Closers, we know how to maximize your income potential when selling your business, whether you’re an Amazon FBA seller, tech, or the digital space. We build a sales plan based on your biggest potential and target the right buyers due to our extensive network.

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