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Remedying the Issues with Online Returns

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Many of us shop online with the express expectation that the items we purchase will be easily returned if we’re not satisfied with them… But how many of us have considered what happens to those products after we ship them back to the retailer?

Brandon Dupsky is the co-founder and CEO of Back-Track, a company dedicated to helping online retailers recover the profits lost to surplus inventory and customer returns. He joins us today to talk about what he likes to call his “billion dollar mission to save e-commerce” and how the company is working toward achieving that goal.

In episode 4, season 2 of The Deal Closers, Izach and Brandon discuss some common mistakes that sellers are making, the multiple steps Back-Track takes to ensure their clients can recover their losses, and what their cash flow process looks like. Listen and learn how Back-Track helps clients diagnose the flaws in their products that spur returns and why sellers need to spend way more time researching how to be competitive.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Some background on Brandon’s experiences in e-commerce (01:04)
  • The usual route that a product returned to Amazon takes after it’s shipped back (05:24)
  • Exactly what Back-Track’s process looks like (07:39)
  • Why Back-Track doesn’t need a 100,000 square foot warehouse to efficiently meet their goals (13:20)
  • Some of the common flaws that Back-Track sees that cause buyers to initiate returns (15:12)
  • How Back-Track is striving for sustainability (18:48)
  • What the typical product and price point looks like for Back-Track (22:11)
  • What Brandon believes is the most interesting e-commerce ecosystem (26:09)


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