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4 Ways to Manipulate Website Data to Improve Marketing Efforts

Posted by Dave Micek in Articles


These days, many companies are using a marketing automation platform to help them streamline and unify all of their marketing ROI measurements. In the past, (and some companies today) don’t bother using software to optimize these measurements, however, it’s always a good idea to employ one if you truly want to see your company grow. is a website broker that not only wants to help entrepreneurs sell their online sites but also to help them buy sites they know will have tremendous future growth.

For ecommerce companies that have a marketing automation platform in place, here are some action items for the data that is compiled:

  • Simplicity is key. When using a marketing automation platform, website broker, suggests consolidating it. Pass information into your platform that is necessary, nothing extraneous. If “extras” are added, it’s bound to lead to a clogging of information that will later be hard to sort and filter through.
  • Keep your qualified leads separate in the CRM. By keeping both software programs simple with their own specific purposes, it will make CRM a more efficient sales tool.
  • Standardize the menus in both CRM and your marketing automation platform. That way, when you import, data will map without a problem. Avoid the desire to populate blank text fields; it will create problems during mapping.
  • And perhaps the most important of all – Clean your data! Make sure your lists don’t include duplicates, people hate getting multiples of the same marketing email. Also delete any contacts (your choosing) that don’t have email addresses or perhaps telephone numbers (whatever best suits your campaign). All test data should be removed to avoid confusion.

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