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5 Qualities of a Great Seller

Posted by Bill Gustin in Articles


Online business owners always want to know how to sell an ecommerce site. When should they put it up for sale on the marketplace? What price should they ask for? How to sell an ecommerce site is tricky business, and website broker,, knows what makes a great seller because, after all, they are one.

  • Planning Ahead. Planning ahead means staying ahead of the game. A great seller knows to plan sometimes as much as 18 months ahead of when to put a business up for sale. The advantages of planning ahead include being able to maximize the valuation of the business, being able to seamlessly transfer the business to the new owner and having time to prepare documentation in its entirety.
  • Pricing Correctly. A successful website broker like knows that asking far too much for an ecommerce site can be detrimental to the offers received. It’s been proven that pricing the site correctly brings in offers that are much closer to the actual asking price.
  • Making the Business Easy to Manage. The more specialized the website, the harder it will be for an incoming business owner to run it. A great seller like knows that a niche business will need to be a bit streamlined to make it attractive to buyers.
  • Being Organized. As an effective website broker and seller, it’s important to be highly organized. Nobody wants to be at that crucial moment when a buyer makes an offer and none of the documentation, like due diligence, has been prepared. Being organized can save a deal and it can drive up the profit.
  • Setting Clear Goals. When it comes to how to sell an ecommerce site, it isn’t a guessing game. The website broker along with the business owner needs to have clear goals in mind. What price will make everyone happy? A great seller won’t blindly go into a deal without knowing this first.

If you’re interested in learning how to sell an ecommerce site, contact They are knowledgeable and skilled website brokers who have been in the business of selling websites for nearly two decades making them, very impressive sellers indeed.