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Are You Sure Your Website is created with Digital Marketing in Mind?

Posted by Dave Micek in Articles


Nowadays, it isn’t enough to simply have an attractive website. The important part is embedding the components of digital marketing inside of it while it is being created. Many costly and time-consuming problems can be avoided if this is done at the beginning of the website’s creation pre-launch. As your internet business broker, will tell you, whether you are selling online websites or are interested in giving your existing site a complete makeover, make sure you plant the seeds of SEO and SEM from the start.

Some items to consider include:

  • Make sure each key element of your web page can be altered independently from one another. Key elements include page titles, image alt tags, navigation items, URL structure, etc.
  • Broken URL’s are a no-no. They will hurt your site in the eyes of the search engines. Before launching, painstakingly make sure that each URL is working correctly. A broken URL means lost traffic and lost traffic means lost profit.
  • Customize those error pages! Customized 404 pages with links that take them back to the home page will not only improve your customers’ experience, it will improve the likeability of your brand.
  • Create appropriate 301 redirects when you redesign your website. 301 redirects will retain traffic that might otherwise be lost and will allow you to pass on worthwhile link metrics to your brand new pages.
  • Make sure the business’s details such as local address and telephone numbers are somewhere in text on the website (as opposed to on an image). With local SEO, search engines will be able to read this text and will easily be able to offer your company’s details to those making local searches.
  • Keep your navigation buttons flexible and easy to change. A website is never actually completed, as any internet business broker will tell you, as long as your company is growing, your site will be growing and changing, too. Make it easy on your web designer to add navigation to future content and product pages.