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Business Ideas for Introverted Individuals

Posted by Dipen Mengar in Articles

One in three of us are introverted, and despite the “bad” reputation (that introverted people are painfully shy, socially inept, and would rather go to bed than go to a party) they can achieve the greatest entrepreneurial success of us all. Because of the nature of being introverted, these individuals have strong ideas, creative minds, and know how to read an individual and a market.

Never think that business is solely for the extroverted because it’s about dealing with many types of people, instead, consider some of these business ideas for those that consider themselves introverts.

1)      Become an Instagram Consultant. Yes, it’s part of social media but that doesn’t mean you have to be overly social. All it takes is a Smartphone that has a decent digital camera and you can be on your way to helping companies promote their services and products on a venue that has half a billion users.

2)      Become a Landscape Photographer. What can you do if you become a landscape photographer? You can take photos and sell them to different publications, you can become a freelancer and take direct orders for specific landscape photography, and you can even sell your work.

3)      Become a music teacher. All it takes is sheet music and the musical instrument you will teach. One-on-one teaching is perfect for introverted people, who also tend to have a strong connection to music.

4)      Advise teens with their college applications. College admission time can be hectic and confusing. Becoming a professional college application advisor will help kids in a way that even their parents can’t help.

5)      Tutor online. When you become an online tutor you have the capability of helping an unlimited number of kids that need help in any number of areas including mathematics and writing essays. It’s easy to communicate online now through Skype, email, or through the telephone.

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