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Could You Sell Your Blog for a Million Dollars?

Posted by Bill Gustin in Articles


It is possible. There are many blogs that have sold for a million dollars and more. Some of these include which sold for $33 million, which sold for a mere $90 million and Deadline Hollywood ( which sold for a cool $14 million. So, it certainly is not impossible, however, there are some things to keep in mind before fantasizing about all of those zeros.

To sell a website or blog for millions of dollars, a website business broker will tell you that you need to have the income to justify to investors that the blog is worth the money. The income could be from selling products and services (or other people’s products and services) and/or advertising revenue. On average, a blog that is producing an income of $50,000 in sales every year is worth on average $130,000.

The next thing a buyer will look for is the blog’s growth. Is it declining, stable or growing? A growth trend will fetch a higher price at the closing table. A professional and experienced website business broker will give the blog owner pointers on the possible ways to increase the blog’s growth to make it even more attractive to buyers.

A blog owner should do everything they can to remove themselves from the business processes in an effort to enhance the value of it. When it comes time to sell a website or blog, the buyer will look for the ability of the blog to continue with its systems and processes without the original owner in place. Any website business broker will tell the blog owner that to attract the highest price, they need to remove themselves from the daily management processes, whether they are customer service based, monetization based or content based, and to hire a new person or hand the reigns to someone else in the company.

The last important item that a buyer looks for is the power of the brand name. If a brand name exists, and has attracted loyal customers who bring in even more customers, this can counteract any possible Google penalty or update. Repeat, loyal customers who generate referral traffic are worth their weight in gold, and potential buyers will look at that fact in a very positive light, meaning more zeros could be added when it comes time to sell the blog.