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Does Your Ranking On Amazon Really Matter?

Posted by Gwen Sylvester in
If you ultimately want to sell your Amazon FBA business, then you need to know how to plan ahead for the best possible ranking on the site. If you are an Amazon FBA seller, you can’t afford to make the mistake of forgetting about how important it is where you show up in the search engine rankings. You’ve got to think of Amazon as it’s very own search engine. When people are looking for products, the words and terms they use to describe what they’re interested in learning more about, or in reviewing will have a significant impact on whether or not they land on your page. As an FBA seller, traffic is everything and your rankings matter a big deal. As one of the biggest retail platforms online, rankings should always be infused into the process of how you write your descriptions, listings and other information surrounding the posting of your products. In 2019, more than one million new sellers were added on to the Amazon platform. This means that it is very important to think about how you can differentiate yourself as an FBA seller. To many different sellers, the FBA algorithm Amazon uses, which known as A10 algorithm, can be very complicated. Educating yourself as much as possible about the A10 algorithm gives you the power and the knowledge to be able to enhance your own rankings on this important retail platform. The latest version of Amazon’s algorithm is usually numbered numerically, and includes several different upgrades and different approaches. Under the A10 Amazon algorithm, shoppers are directed more towards what they’re actually looking for rather than what another person thinks they should be looking for. With the rankings in the back of your mind, using Amazon FBA means you should also consider the shipping and logistics benefits. Fulfillment by Amazon enables sellers to manage customer orders simply. Automating the shipping process is a very popular tool among sellers on Amazon since approximately 66% of the top ten thousand sellers on Amazon already use FBA to make this process simple. Sellers who also have positive ratings and customer interactions will always have a better ranking than those who do not. Since FBA facilitates the entire logistics and shipping process, it’s important to make sure that each one your products listed on Amazon FBA has been fully and properly optimized. To get a positive ranking on Amazon, you need to make sure that you have great processes in your team to manage complaints, any claims of defective products or customer returns. This is a great way to increase your overall ranking on Amazon. The final component of succeeding with your Amazon FBA rankings is content optimization. Generating content on Amazon is very important. Each element on your page, from bullet points to pictures, to template files are critical for achieving a high ranking. This can be very overwhelming if you don’t have a lot of resources to support you. But it’s important to think about how this works from behind the scenes to increase your overall chances of success.