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Don’t Forget about Local SEO When it comes to Your Online Business

Posted by Doug Grindstaff in Articles


Remember the good old days when word of mouth and flyers were the most marketing a local store had to do to bring in business? With advancing technology and the internet, Smartphones, apps and Google, competition has become fierce and unrelenting. Any website business broker will tell you that you could be working on your website 24/7 but there will still be another website owner who is doing more.

That’s why local SEO is so important. Unfortunately, many ecommerce website owners, because of the fact that they will ship virtually anywhere in the world, forget about the huge opportunity they have right in their own region. People, naturally, want to patronize local businesses to boost local economy, and will likely choose a local shop over a foreign one or even one located in the states but is very far away. So, how is it that an ecommerce business owner can properly prepare their site for local SEO? Website business broker,, lists some of the things you can do to improve your company’s local search positioning:

  • Claim your business. Online business indexes often have a claiming process through which the owner of the company can validate and authorize their business as an actual business.
  • It’s important to categorize your business correctly. When claiming your business, you will be asked to categorize it, also. Some search engines don’t display a local business that isn’t categorized, so choosing a category, and choosing the right category are very important. Many business indexes allow you to choose additional categories after the primary one, as well.
  • We all know that consistency is the key to nearly everything! And local SEO is no exception. Take the time to check out all of your local business listings and make sure they have the exact same (correct) data – business name, business owner, phone number, address, website, etc.
  • Since someone else may have included your business on a business index listing with slightly wrong information, it’s important to find this out with the help of Localeze or Yext, claim the listings and edit the information to reflect the business accurately.
  • Website business broker, suggests going to to make sure your online business is listed in the best internet directories. You can search both geographically and categorically.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to buy and sell websites, and the best way for them to be listed locally, contact, your local website business broker, today, for in-depth information.