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Don’t Get Stumped by these 5 Entrepreneur Hurdles

Posted by Al Sciola in Articles


When an entrepreneur decides to buy a website, populate it with interesting products and/or content, and attempt to sell items or services from it, they never go into at less than 100% enthusiasm. Unfortunately, because entrepreneurs are merely human, that 100% enthusiasm can sometimes wane. The important thing is to be open to new ideas, research ways to help yourself succeed, and always remember why you got into the game to begin with – it could be for the fun of it, to be able to work for yourself someday, you have a passion for the niche, or you simply want an additional way to bring in income. Whatever the reason, there are five things to remember that most entrepreneurs will learn through experience, but because you fell upon this blog post, you’ll learn them right up front.

  • Don’t get bogged down by the details. It’s certainly enough to make you want to pull out your hair or scratch out your eyes. Words you’ve never before heard of but now, as an online business entrepreneur, you know you should know and understand: analytics, conversion rates, pixels, lookalike audiences, the list goes on and on. The important thing to remember here is- ask friends for help!
  • Ideas don’t make money, implementing them might. You’ve probably said it a time or two yourself, or you’ve heard others say it, “I thought of that first!” Sometimes, the human brain seems to act as one giant Borg that works together, but it’s the one that breaks free from the crowd and puts the idea into action that wins the race. So what are you waiting for?
  • Recognize that YOU will make or break your success. Sitting around doing nothing? Watching movies? TV? Looking for reasons NOT to do what you know you should be doing to make progress with your business? Realize that your laziness is your biggest obstacle, and your competitor’s very best friend.
  • A website with no marketing strategy is like a store in the middle of a vast forest. Just because you’ve created your masterpiece, it doesn’t mean people will know how to find it or what it is, let alone make purchases from it. There are a number of initial and FREE marketing strategies to implement even before launching the site.
  • You only need a couple hundred dollars are less for startup. Utilize the website “Spaces” to create a landing page to see if your product generates any interest. There are always low, no or cost-effective ways to start an internet business. Don’t fuss with the idea that you’ll need thousands of dollars, because you won’t.

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