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Don’t Kill the Deal before It’s Done: Hire when Selling a Website Business

Posted by Matt Perkins in Articles


Selling a website business might, at first, seem like an easy task, but if you’re trying to sell it yourself, you won’t know all of the pitfalls you can stumble into along the way that could likely kill the deal. So you’ve received an offer and have entered into the due diligence stage. You’re proud, things are rosy, and you’re counting your money and thinking about your next logical step. Don’t be like a school kid dreaming of summer, now is actually the time to buckle down and work harder than ever before. One of the biggest reasons why deals fall apart is because the business being sold suddenly exhibits a weakening financial performance. Once a buyer puts in his offer, he’s likely to watch the business’ value closer than ever before. If revenue from the website drops considerably, this will give the buyer pause and he might even get cold feet.

Hiring a professional website broker will help guide you through the process so your company remains stable with consistent earnings. A potential buyer will want to continue to see strong figures, so the seller should continue their hard work in this arena. The last thing the seller wants to do is become complacent, lazy or careless because it will surely reflect on the company’s overall performance.

Another reason deals fall through when entrepreneurs sell their website online without a professional website broker is because of inaccurate financials. Any buyer worth his salt will work hard to verify the accuracy of the financials presented to him, and if there are inaccuracies, it will cause a lack of trust which could kill the deal entirely. To avoid this, hire an experienced website broker like to help you get the most accurate and correct information when it comes to merchant account statements, ad sense statements, bank statements, etc. By hiring when you sell your website online, you are giving yourself the best chance to make the best possible profit.