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Don’t Quit Your Day Job! Or Do?

Posted by Chelsea Ricketson in Articles


Tips for Turning Your Internet Business into a Full Time Endeavor

Working “for the man” is not where most people see themselves when they’re high school juniors and seniors and are imagining their dream job. Ten years, twenty years later, it’s still not usually where people see themselves and many people these days are turning to the internet to find financial stability. Most people aren’t sure how to buy and sell websites, that’s why it’s important for budding entrepreneurs to discuss their dreams, aspirations and bottom-lines with experienced brokers for internet businesses.

A 9 to 5 job is exhausting and often unfulfilling, and most people should realize that becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur may require more hours than they are already offering to “the man.” However, these hours, usually spent at home and working toward the individual’s passion, are rewarding in that the budding entrepreneur knows they are working for themselves.

  • The first thing to consider is responsibilities. Those with families might be forced to maintain some sort of steady outside income, whether it’s a full time or part time job, to keep mouths fed. A single person, however, only has themselves to care for, so it will be easier to move in the self-employed direction. Regardless, a minimum of six months of living expenses should be saved to ease into the transition.
  • Personal risk tolerance. Even though many people dabble in finding out how to buy and sell websites, those who have a lot of anxiety over quitting their day job may not be able to make a success out of an internet business.
  • The internet business itself should be bringing in a steady and workable income. Finding one of these may be tough, that’s why it’s important to contact experienced brokers for internet businesses before jumping in head first.
  • Your current job. Some people have flexible day or night jobs that will allow them to spend some time on an internet endeavor. Those with professions in high demand can hope to find another job quickly (waitress, bartender, etc.), but those with white collar corporate jobs might have a harder time.

The 21st century has seen a boom in internet companies and explosion of new internet millionaires. Each one of them made a decision to take a certain amount of risk and gamble with their future. For those on the brink of this type of adventure, contact professional brokers for internet businesses for guidance through all of the important steps.