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Chelsea Ricketson Business Broker


Prior to becoming a broker at Website Closers, Chelsea spent her career as a Naval Officer and serial entrepreneur, running brick and mortar fitness facilities and an e-Commerce business.

Upon graduating from the US Naval Academy in 2010, Chelsea was stationed in Sasebo, Japan and deployed out to sea over 300 days of the year, navigating small aircraft carriers from location to location, carrying over 1500 service members in support of deterrence operations throughout the Pacific Ocean. When not getting the ship from point A to point B, she led teams of people and was responsible for the functionality and performance of vital high-tech equipment onboard.

After having the privilege to serve in the Navy for six years in three different countries, she was called to entrepreneurship, gravitating to the high risk, high reward nature of running a business.

She bought a distressed gym, turned it around, and opened another location in San Antonio, TX. She then acquired an Amazon FBA store selling eco-friendly cleaning products, expanding her experience beyond brick & mortar into e-Commerce.

As a broker, Chelsea is most excited about helping buyers and sellers in the acquisition space. She believes buyers can dramatically and positively change their lives through a business purchase, and, for sellers, they get to exit their businesses and finally realize the return on the blood, sweat, and tears they’ve poured into their companies.

When she’s not at work, you can find her working out, reading the latest book, traveling to new locales, backpacking in the mountains, or walking with her dog.

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