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Entrepreneurs: Learn to Relax & Watch Your Success Grow

Posted by Chris Kern in Articles


Entrepreneurs are a funny group. They are motivated to the point of envy to other people, and they are so geared toward success that they (say) they are willing to let anything else in their lives fall off the radar in order to achieve it. This includes their marriage, time with their kids, vacations, time spent with family, enjoying holidays, and any of the hundreds of other ways humans are simply, humans.

However, did you know that you’re actually doing yourself a disservice if you insist on working 80 hours a week? While many entrepreneurs may feel that there’s no chance for success if they don’t double up their workload, they are forgetting one very important thing. The idea that even though you’re an entrepreneur, you still need to refill your well of creativity and relaxation. Every brain needs sleep, and an entrepreneur’s is no exception.

When all is said and done, one day is only 24 hours, and when you take out the much needed 8 hours for sleep, you’re left with 16. Subtract everything everyone has to do everyday like chauffer the kids to school, walk the dog around the block, exercise (which many entrepreneurs do), go to the doctor’s office, go to the dentist, visit the school about your child’s tardiness, etc. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to accommodate everything you want to accomplish, plus work 16 hours a day. You could, of course, stretch those 80 hours over 7 days a week, but then you are truly giving yourself no time at all to wind down, relax, and simply enjoy life.

Yes, there is a “rat race” to be won – there are the “other guys” out there who are tackling technology faster than your company is, or getting patents more quickly, etc. However, it’s not about who has the most toys at the end of their life (and for entrepreneurs working 80 hours a week, that time may come quicker than they realize), it’s about enjoying the toys before the end of life comes.

If you’re able to take some time for yourself, and your friends and family, you can refill your creative well and tackle new problems in your company with greater vitality. Relaxation isn’t akin to “goofing off,” it’s about filling the coffers of creativity so that you have brand new tools to use when new issues arise.

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