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Four Actions Every Entrepreneur Should Practice in the New Year

Posted by Doug Grindstaff in Articles


Entrepreneurship is not just about the business side of things. It’s also about personal traits that need to be honed and perfected. Being an entrepreneur is no small task, there are big risks to be taken, and with those, big possible failures – but also, big rewards. Growing as an entrepreneur is important because the more you hone your skills, the better instincts you’ll have and the more successful you’ll become. Below are four actions every entrepreneur should practice in the New Year:

  • Stay healthy. On the whole, entrepreneurs are busier than other people. They rise early, work hard all day, and don’t go to sleep until late at night. They know that with so much at stake and with it all riding on them, they need to make every minute of the day count. That’s why it’s so important to set health goals that you can truly achieve and stick to. Think proper exercise, nutrition and sleep. Without this health trinity, you could end up unable to meet your goals.
  • Give up a little control. One of the traits of an entrepreneur is that they try to do everything themselves. However, let’s face it, nobody can. Make a list of what you need help with and get help with those items. Don’t have time to clean your house? Hire a maid. Don’t have time to run errands? Hire a personal assistant, you get the idea.
  • Even though we just changed one number to the next (2015 to 2016), the New Year is a great time for self reflection. Write down specific goals you wish to pursue and have them close by so they can serve as a reminder of what you want to accomplish.
  • Read more. It’s true, the more someone reads, the wiser and more knowledgeable they become. Commit to reading about what interests you one to two hours every week. This will serve you well in being on top of trends and technologies, and also learning about the big (and little) names in your industry.

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