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Get Rid of These Bad Habits for Greater Productivity

Posted by Chelsea Ricketson in Articles


It turns out, you’re not just what you eat, you are your bad habits and your good habits combined. Unfortunately, bad habits seem to take over a little more easily than the good ones. And, do you know what those bad habits are? They might not be so obvious and they are likely diminishing your productivity. Good productivity means a higher quality of life and making more money. Who doesn’t want that?

Bad Habits You Should be Avoiding

  • Getting notified in a multitude of ways about the same item. Email comes in and ping, there goes your phone to notify you and ping, there goes your computer. Instead of jumping onto your phone or computer to see what email came in, create set times to look at emails. Once an hour, once every two – and your productivity will increase due to the limited notification distraction.
  • Don’t worry about the toxic people. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get someone’s negativity out of your brain. Something they said or did, and how it really irks you. When you spend valuable mental time and energy on these people, you are being less productive. Whenever you find yourself falling into this trap, instead, think of something you are grateful for in life.
  • Incessantly checking your phone. Especially if you are talking with someone else, commit to that conversation and forgot about all of the buzzing your phone is doing in your pocket. Resist the urge to check it because it will make the person you’re talking to feel less than appreciated.
  • Don’t use screens in bed. When you use your phone, laptop, or tablet in bed, you are exposing your brain to melatonin-halting blue light that keeps you from easily falling asleep. Keep the screens for the daytime when you want to be awake and productive. You’ll lose sleep over having screens in bed which will ultimately cause you to be less productive.

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