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Help! I Want To Sell My Website, But Where Do I Go?

Posted by John Fairchild in Articles


So, you’re ready to sell your website but you’re just not sure what step to take next. It’s common to become overwhelmed and daunted by this process. Many entrepreneurs may not even be sure of where to begin. If you have an Amazon business for sale, digital asset for sale, or any type of web property for sale, the first rule of thumb is to not even look in the direction of the real estate agent who hangs a sign in front of a house or commercial property. Real estate agents are good at what they do, sell brick and mortar properties, however, when it comes to an Amazon business for sale or some other type of web property, your best bet is the boutique brokerage firm

With over two decades of experience purchasing, owning, running and selling websites, the team at has pushed through every type of negotiation, every nuance involved with selling web properties. If you find yourself thinking, “I want to sell my website,” your very next thought should be for many invaluable reasons. Their experience alone in selling websites makes them an appropriate choice, but not just experience, they also maintain a pool of liquid, viable buyers who are just waiting for a website to buy, they have access to the best banks and lenders around the country, they know how to find the right buyers by spotting the folks who really aren’t that interested in buying, they know how to maintain confidentiality during the sale process, and they know how to maximize profit. is a boutique brokerage firm which means they don’t take a commission until they sell your website, whether it’s an Amazon business for sale, a wholesale site, a fulfillment center, or virtually any kind of web property, they know the business backward and forward while also delivering excellent customer service and personalized care throughout every sale.