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How Can I Build More Profitable Sales with My Amazon Business Using Aggressive Growth Strategies?

Posted by Dipen Mengar in Articles

Thinking about eventually selling your Amazon FBA business. You can’t afford not to invest in aggressive growth strategies. For someone who is contemplating enlisting their Amazon FBA business for sale in the future, you need aggressive growth strategies to help build profitable sales so that you can obtain a strong business valuation.

The process of launching your new Amazon FBA business is filled with momentum and motivation. But after you have launched a new product and implemented the necessary strategies to get early sales and reviews, you need to build on this foundation to continue to grow your product’s influence over the long term.

This means that you must begin using the foundation you’ve already established with your Amazon FBA business to fight for valuable keyword rankings. The beginning of this journey can be one of the most challenging parts and is often where people are most likely to give up. You must be able to continue implementing these tactics, however, to capitalize on the momentum you’ve already built.

One of the first things you need to do in this process is price testing. Putting together a low price is key metric for bringing in sales during the early stages of your listing. This helps to lure in buyers who are motivated primarily by price from purchasing from the competition. Remember that Amazon is a massive website that can also be viewed as a search engine for products. So your primary objective to increase your business growth on the site, is to be favorably ranked in search results. If you already have positive reviews about the products and are already driving some sales, different pricing options now give you the option to customize and test things out. Once you begin to bring in more sales, your temptation might be to move your price back up. However, any conversion rate associated with this product built on the aggressive growth strategy could be very contingent on price. A sudden increase in price could lead to an alarming drop off in sales.

An overall approach towards advertising and selling will help you get to the top more consistently, which is key when it comes to selling an Amazon FBA business. 

Remember that Amazon’s algorithms, while difficult to predict perfectly, tend to not favor major price swings. In addition, if you are the only seller on the listing, a sudden and major price increase could also lead to a loss of the buy box control.

Instead, gradually increase your price on your Amazon product over the course of time, while keeping an eye on your conversion and performance metrics. The primary point here is to capitalize on your early momentum success and then begin moving up the price to see the impact. Ranking and sales velocity should always be the two top metrics you’re most interested in as an Amazon FBA seller.

Furthermore, you can also use aggressive PPC strategies when attempting to grow your business in this manner. Remember, however, that this should never be done without remembering the beneficial value of your organic rankings.