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It’s all about finding the Right Buyers

Posted by Sophie Williams in Articles
Share: specializes in helping online business owners find the right buyers for their companies. These experienced brokers for internet businesses have two decades of experience buying, managing and selling their own sites, and $60,000,000 in successfully sold websites to date through The secret behind their success lies in a number of factors they have perfected, and most of all, finding the right buyers. What puts ahead of the competition is the fact that they already have a pool of buyers at the ready, waiting for the next great site they put on the market.

If you’re an entrepreneur and are looking to put up your website for sale by owner, consider the sobering statistic that 99% of all website for sale by owner sales ventures are not successful. What generally happens is that the entrepreneur’s time is wasted and they take home too little profit because they failed to contact, experienced and thorough brokers for internet businesses. ensures every client that they bring in only “home run” buyers. These buyers are the most capable and best suited to not only the seller, but also to the lending bank to insure that nobody’s valuable time is wasted. There are “buyers in sheep’s clothing” out there who will act like they are interested in purchasing your website, but actually have less than honorable motives. Many of these types of buyers never have the assets to purchase an online company, and may be just scouting the company for confidential information. Another type of time waster is called the ‘tire kicker’ and they are the people who act like they are interested, but never get around to pulling the trigger.

The worst type of faux buyer is the confidential information troll. This person is looking for a shortcut into your sector, and uses regular processes like due diligence to discover your company’s secrets to make them their own. This both wastes precious time and creates a whole new competitor., experienced brokers for internet businesses, has seen all of these types of buyers and knows how to sniff them out. They know when to start due diligence and when not to, and are in this industry to make money for everyone involved and not waste anybody’s time. You can trust to place the perfect buyers in front of you when you are ready to sell your online business, buyers with assets and liquidity and who are serious about the purchase.